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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video That Shows Us What We’re Fighting For

Hilarious, fantastic, amazing are the best ways I can describe Anthony Carbajal’s ALS ice bucket challenge video, but not for the reasons you would think. For those who are sick of the challenge, this video is for you.

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Disney Lip-Art!

Laura Jenkinson, a hair and makeup artist from London posted these radical photos of a new kind of face paint/lip art inspired by beloved Disney characters!


Summer In The City; This Is How The Sun Sees You

This filmmaker showed people what they looked like in ultraviolet, & wondered aloud if they wanted to put on some damn sunscreen already.

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So, People Are Getting Buckets of Ice Water Dumped On Them… FOR CHARITY!

Some very powerful people around the world are dumping buckets of ice water on their heads. Yes, it’s funny… and it’s absolutely ridiculous… But, they’re doing it for charity!


This is What Dante’s Inferno Should Have Been!

Naughty Dog Animator Tal Peleg has created the coolest ‘Dante’s Inferno’ animated short ever!

Highball (19)

BEHOLD: The Most Badass Movie Theater & Retro Karaoke Bar… EVER!

Ask anyone. Alamo Drafthouse is a staple in the Austin, TX community and with the HUGE grand reopening of their most popular location, they’re going ALL OUT! Alert! Alert! NERDGASM INCOMING!


Heartmelting Timelapse Captures Premature Baby’s First 80 Days of Life!

Erika and Jared Pruett became proud parents to their son Walker Colt Pruett in April of this year. The tiny little boy was born at just 26 weeks, so his parents decided to keep a daily blog of his progress while in the NICU.


These Are Not Pranks, Stop It [OP-ED]

The fellas over at OckTV were submitted for ‘Today in Awesome’ but they’re actually our ‘Douche Bags of the Day’!


Dog Walks 30 Miles To Back To Family, Family Rejects Her, Gets Adopted By Better Owner!

Lady has had a pretty tough life for a dog. After being repeatedly abandoned and walking 30 miles to try and get back to her family, she may have actually finally gotten the home she deserves.


Google Tip Leads to Pedophile Arrest!

A man is in jail tonight after Google sent a tip in to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reporting that the man had explicit images of a child in his email.


Bill Gates Foundation Announces Remote Controlled Contraceptive Chip!

The Bill Gates Foundation has announced that they’re developing a remote controlled implantable birth control chip that could last up to 16 years!


Johns Hopkins Pays $190 Million to Women Who Had Their Exams Secretly Recorded By OB-GYN

Authorities say Dr. Nikita Levy used a pen-like camera he wore around his neck to record hundreds of videos and photos of his patients private parts.