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Family Organizes Star Wars Funeral For Terminally Ill Son

Four year old Jack Robinson tragically passed away earlier this month from an inoperable brain tumor. After learning about the tumor his family and friends created a bucket list that included meeting a pop star, singing with Doctor Who, and having a Star Wars themed funeral.

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Now THIS Is How You Prank Someone!

Warning for headphone users, this is a tad loud. Professor at a college has a policy that whenever someone leaves their phone on in class and it rings, they have to answer it on speaker phone. For this past April Fools’ Day, one of his classes took this rule and ran with it. Just watch

A bank statement showing an overdraft excess fee arranged fo

Overdraft Fees Are Sucking You Dry

Back in 2010, federal regulators told banks to shove it and got rid of some of their worst fees. So, what did the banks do? They introduced a totally legal, incredibly overpriced fee for overdrawing your account.