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Michael Sam Sealed NFL Draft History With A Kiss, People RAGE!

Michael Sam Sealed NFL Draft History With A Kiss, People RAGE!

Beware of the feels, watching Michael Sam get the call of his dreams from the St. Louis Rams saying he is going to be a part of the team is the most joyous, and heart wrenching video you’ll watch today.


Break the Stigma on Mental Health!

Becca experienced more sad twists of fate than most people, all becaused she had never been properly diagnosed with the mental health disorders she had. Now after receiving proper treatment and support, she’s gotten her life on track and happier than ever before!

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1 is 2 Many – A Star Studded Sexual Assault PSA From The White House

To say this is just important is almost an insult. President Obama, Vice President Biden, Daniel Craig, Benicio Del Toro, Dulé Hill, Seth Meyers and Steve Carell are putting an end to sexual assault, and calling on everyone to help.


What is a Photo Copier?

The New York Times recreates an instance in which an attorney becomes embroiled in the definition of a photo copier, verbatim, from court documents.


How Google’s Self Driving Car Works

In an official Google Blog post, the director of the self-driving car program, Chris Urmson, talks about the car’s latest capabilities and thanks to software upgrades it can detect “hundreds of distinct objects.”

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In a world where everything is recorded, stored and digitally captured forever it’s hard to keep things private. Enter Snapchat, where everything that is meant to be lost is lost. But what happens when our lives turn into a ticking clock? What’s done, is done.


Exploring Off-Limits New York!

Urban explorer 2E takes Animal out to some of his favorite hidden spots around New York, where only photos are taken and footprints are left!


Yoga Chihuahua is Here to Relieve All Your Stress!

Pancho, the only dog I’ve ever seen that does yoga, is the most adorable little guy on the planet!

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Excuse me whilst I both barf my brains out, and completely drool over the idea of a FUCKING. PIZZA. CAKE. Like… are you even kidding me right now?!


Yahoo! Executive Actually Makes More For Getting Fired?!

Well, this confirms it – here’s two sad things we already knew: it’s tremendously easy for a man to make more than a woman, and it’s stupid simple to be filthy rich and also be bad at your job. Where do the rest of us sign up?


Family Organizes Star Wars Funeral For Terminally Ill Son

Four year old Jack Robinson tragically passed away earlier this month from an inoperable brain tumor. After learning about the tumor his family and friends created a bucket list that included meeting a pop star, singing with Doctor Who, and having a Star Wars themed funeral.


Man with Down Syndrome Gets into the College of His Dreams!

What? Those aren’t tears! It’s just super dusty in the office today, and my allergies are kicking in!