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What Kind of Porn Does Your City Watch?

What Kind of Porn Does Your City Watch?

Pornhub has a fantastic Insights blog that feeds us all kinds of information on what our neighbors might be searching for when they want to have some “special” time alone!

The adrenaline hack

Use the Adrenaline Hack to Open Your Mind!

Jason Silva breaks down how we use adrenaline for our own gains in a phenomenon known as ‘The Adrenaline Hack’!


An Adorable Look At 9 Months Of Baby Bump!

Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher took photos every day through the 9 months of their pregnancy, this is the result.


“God Hates Fags” Preacher Fred Phelps Confirmed Dead At 84

Fred Phelps Sr., the infamous founder of the universally looked down upon Westboro Baptist Church has died today at age 84, the news has been confirmed by his son Timothy Phelps.


The Most Appetizing Video You’ll Watch Today

It’s like sex, but with food.

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson Might Have A New Assistant

At a lecture at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan, Neil DeGrasse Tyson gave 9-year-old Jacob some answers about an asteroid.


New Forms of C**t Added to the Dictionary?!

Four different forms of the C-word have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, each with their wonderful definition! This week, the Oxford English Dictionary added 900 new entries and subentries to its pages from ethnopharmacologic to bestie. The best new awesome additions though are the distinctly different forms of the c-word: C**ty, C**ntish, C**ted,


Stop Peeing in the Pool!

Laci Green wants you to stop being in the pool!


How Karrie Brown Became Wet Seal’s First Model with Down’s Syndrome

Adorable Karrie Brown gets most of her clothes from fashion giant Wet Seal, and when she expressed she wanted to be a model for them, she got that chance! Karrie’s mother put up a Facebook page on behalf of her daughter, whose goal is to change the face of modeling, with the intention of catching

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In Defense Of McDonald’s

Everyone loves to make McDonald’s the bad guy.


Muppets Are Terrible, But Entertaining Interns

Buzzfeed had the Muppets as interns, and here are some of their best/worst moments.