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Cigarette Smoking Has Gone Up On a Global Scale

Cigarette Smoking Has Gone Up On a Global Scale

One of the most comprehensive studies on global tobacco use has reported that the number of smokers and the number of cigarettes consumed on an international scale has gone up in the past 30 years. The analysis from the University of Washington shows that between 1980 and 2012, the number of adults who smoke increased


Chicago is a Frozen Wasteland

The Polar Vortex has dropped temperatures around the U.S. to unusual levels that citizens were unprepared for and cities like Chicago resemble scenes from the disaster film ‘The Day After Tomorrow‘. The freezing temps haven’t stopped photographers from capturing the windy city’s new frozen apocalyptic state as you can see in the gallery down below!


The Future of Gas Station Burritos Has Arrived

In an attempt to finally end the prejudice against gas station burritos, a company called Burrito Box has begun bringing burrito vending machines to Los Angeles, with plans to open their second one on January 18th. There are several choices, including breakfast burritos, per the video above and, as their website claims, the burritos are

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A Pilot Who Needs A Job And Deserves One

Unemployment is no joke, and creative, talented people like Nick van Tol have a great chance at beating it. This guy really knows how to market himself. He’s been working for 20 years to build his skill-set and sent letters to over 200 airlines, and he still can’t find work. Nick just needs the right people

Pot Buy

First Legal Pot Purchase In Colorado!

Iraq War veteran, Sean Azzariti, became the first person to purchase legalized recreational marijuana in Colorado. He told the media that he used the drug to alleviate symptoms of PTSD. The cost of the ceremonial first sale was $59.74.


Waiting for the Milk, Cookies, and Beat to Drop

Welcome to the eclectic Christmas light show that you never even dreamed your church could have had as a kid. As for the youngsters of Central Assembly Church in Boise, Idaho they’ll without a doubt have something to remember, for Christmases to come. This dazzling Christmas light show synced to a modern dubstep cover of


A Santa in Disguise, Home For the Holidays

A nurse from Brick, NJ got quite the holiday miracle surprise to find out that the Santa Clause at her hospital’s Christmas event, was actually her son! Why is this so heart-warming you might ask?  Her son, Travis Ruggiero, had been deployed overseas in Afghanistan working as an Army Specialist.  Until that moment, she thought he


Merry Chainsaw-Slinging Christmas, Norway! SNSFW

Welp?  It’s that special time of year again. The time of year to truly reconnect with loved ones, get cozy in your banana hammocks and glide like a polar bear across the frozen body of water you frequent. Norwegian YouTuber, apetor, makes it look easy.  So easy in fact, he can do it with a


The Most Powerful Photos of 2013

With thousands of life changing, ground breaking events this past year, here are some of the most powerful photos from 2013. Warning some of the images below are graphic, discretion is advised: