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Welcome to America, The Low-Wage Nation

It seems to be a common misunderstanding that the average worker collecting minimum wage is some punk kid with an after school job they don’t give a shit about, but that just simply isn’t the case anymore… and it hasn’t been that way for quite awhile.

Porn Addiction

Porn Addiction Isn’t Actually A Thing

David Ley, a clinical psychologist and executive director of New Mexico Solutions, a large behavioral health program, along with a number of other colleagues conducted a review of the “pornography addiction model.” The review, published in Current Sexual Health Reports, found very little evidence, (Translation: None at all) to support some of the purported negative

Twitter (1)

Twitter’s New Layout Looks Just Like FaceBook

Twitter has been testing a new look for it’s layout, and it’s suspiciously similar to FaceBook. Actually it’s more like Facebook and Google + had a social networking baby. Then that baby grew up and decided Tumblr was the coolest and they had their own little abomination. THAT is what the new twitter layout looks


Awesome Date Idea For Valentines Day!

Having trouble thinking of a unique and romantic date idea for Valentines Day 2014? Think no more! AdventureKatz has the perfect outing prepared and ready for you to use. It combines cleverness, romance, adventure, and mystery into a cheap but riveting date that you can enjoy with your deserving Valentine.

Did The Biggest Loser Lose Too Big?

On the latest season of The Biggest Loser, Rachel Frederickson won by dropping from 260 pounds to a petite 105 – a whopping 60% of her body weight. While most of the Biggest Losers are praised and congratulated on their astounding turnarounds, Rachel’s has received some criticism. She’s pretty thin – some say dangerously so.

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Human Rights Watch Releases Video of Anti-Gay Attacks

Three days before the start of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, videos of anti-gay attacks being perpetuated have begun circulating the internet. The footage, compiled by the group Human Rights Watch, details the discrimination and brutal physical attacks openly carried out against members of the LGBT community in Russia. Tanya Cooper, a Russia researcher at