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High School Student Speed Paints Portrait of Teacher

When Fremd High School art teacher, Lew Hubbard, passed away suddenly, one of his students took it upon herself to honor him the best way she could. For the high school variety show, the student chose to speed paint a portrait of her instructor who taught her important values along with great technique. Above her


Time’s Person of the Year 2013: Pope Francis

Known also as ‘The People’s Pope’, Pope Francis was named Time’s Person of the Year 2013! Pope Francis, who believes firmly in humility, stunned the world time and time again with his steadfast and surprisingly open beliefs and opinions. From refusing to attend lavish balls in his honor, to dressing up like a superhero in

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Is There Such a Thing As An Ideal Person?

We all have an image of the “ideal” person. This short, awesome animation makes a great point about strengths, weaknesses, and how we’re all basically RPG characters. I like what ┬áthis video says – I’d much rather be seen for what I’m good at than what I suck at. It’s also more helpful to focus

Pile Up

5 Minutes Is All It Takes For A Pile Up

This amazing footage from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation captures a pile up on a highway that takes only 5 minutes to get so bad, that it was shut down. Fifty vehicles were involved in the massive accident on Sunday and twelve people were injured. The transportation administration releasing the footage today after seeing just

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Final Cut 2013 Compilation!

The Final Cut features some of the best trailers, along with some of the best movies to have been released this past year! JoBlo purveyor of movies year round created this unique compilation that mixes the old, and the oncoming. What are some of your favorite films from this last year? Let us know in

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Amazing Don’t Drink and Drive Prank!

Tom Mabe teaches his friend a lesson by waking him up from a drunken stupor in a hospital room and pretending he’d been a coma for 10 years! Even though the prank was in good fun, the underlying message to his friend and everyone watching is clear: Don’t drink and drive.

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YouTubers Donate $14,000 To Cancer Patient!

Simple Pickup consists of three guys whose families were devastated by breast cancer. Now, they’ve finally been able to help someone else suffering from the disease! The team created a video called Motorboating for Breast Cancer, which raised $7,000 for a specific breast cancer charity. However, the video was found to be in poor taste


Backyard Axe Throwing League?!

” Everybody wants to throw an axe, they just don’t know it yet.” The Backyard Axe Throwing League, or B.A.T.L. founder, Matt Wilson claims that axe throwing attracts people from all walks of life. Whether they be business men/women or the local tatted up bartender, people from all over Toronto can’t wait to be a

Caroline Eriksen

Woman Harassed For Post Birth Instagram Photo

When fitness blogger Caroline Berg Eriksen posted a photo of her tone body just four days after giving birth, people got their pitchforks ready. Mommy bloggers were the first round of people to spout a serious amount of hate towards Eriksen, whom they congratulated and disgraced for her immediate ‘weight loss’. Blogger Rebecca Sparrow even

Pope Francis

Pope Francis Secretly Ministers To The Homeless

An interview with Archbishop Konrad Karjewski has revealed that Pope Francis has been disguising himself and leaving the Vatican at night to minister to the homeless. According to the Huffington Post, the Holy See has been leaving dressed as a regular priest in order to meet with homeless men and women. Archbishop Krajewski was tasked