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Did The Biggest Loser Lose Too Big?

On the latest season of The Biggest Loser, Rachel Frederickson won by dropping from 260 pounds to a petite 105 – a whopping 60% of her body weight. While most of the Biggest Losers are praised and congratulated on their astounding turnarounds, Rachel’s has received some criticism. She’s pretty thin – some say dangerously so.

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Human Rights Watch Releases Video of Anti-Gay Attacks

Three days before the start of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, videos of anti-gay attacks being perpetuated have begun circulating the internet. The footage, compiled by the group Human Rights Watch, details the discrimination and brutal physical attacks openly carried out against members of the LGBT community in Russia. Tanya Cooper, a Russia researcher at

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10 Worst Pick Up Lines You Should Never Use!

Pack it up fellas cause it turns out using a pre-made pick up line to get a date is probably the worst thing you could do! According to a survey by popular dating app, Flirt Planet, 95% of women hated corny pick up lines. The worst offenders? I like your dress – but it would

Canada Reminds Everyone To Talk About Mental Illness

Canadian telecommunications company, Bell, is showing their commitment to supporting mental health illness by donating for every text, long distance phone call, tweet (tagged #BellLetsTalk), and Facebook share they receive today. The company will donate 5 cents for every above action, with the goal to raise awareness and “end the stigma” of mental health issues

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You Waste Too Much Time on Facebook!

Time Magazine has released a Facebook calculator in honor of it’s 10th birthday, and now you can find out just how much time you wasted on the social media site. It’s shocking to learn just how much time is spent just wasting away behind the screen of a computer or cellphone. Facebook doesn’t exactly publicize

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The Image That Can Break Your Brain

The McCollough Effect alters the way your brain perceives information, and can do so for up to three months! Now you’ll know what its like to be color blind.

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Inspiring Video Urges You to Trust Yourself

Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Les Brown’s words were remixed into this inspirational video that encourages its viewer to trust themselves, work their butts off, and do what they’ve always dreamed.

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino Suing Gawker Over Scrapped Script

Quentin Tarantino has filed a copyright lawsuit against Gawker for allegedly leaking the script for his upcoming wester ‘The Hateful Eight’. The director, famous for keeping his projects under wraps, was outraged after details for his latest film were leaked. He was so enraged, he told media outlets that he wouldn’t be producing the feature


Pubic Hair Injuries Quintupled!?

Women who aren’t big fans of pain have a reason to celebrate with the Brazilian wax dying off as a fashion trend, but according to a 2012 paper in the journal of Urology, injuries from pubic grooming quintupled in the last ten years. The study was submitted by Dr. Allison Glass of the University of


Myth Bustin’ Bill!

Our society has this idea that issues like poverty, world health, and government spending are far worse than they actually are. This stems from a combination of the media’s tendency to embellish current events and the public simply being uneducated on the subject. Fear not! Bill Nye is here to bust any and all myths

Taylor Smith and Family

12-Year Old’s Letter Will Break Your Heart

12-year old Taylor Smith passed away from complications with pneumonia on January 5th. Her parents, friends, and family are devastated with the loss, but the recent discovery of a letter may help them cope with their pain. The letter was addressed to Taylor’s future-self, not meant to be opened until 2023. Since Taylor was gone,

Credit Cards

Is Your Credit Card Company The Most Hated In the Country?

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, over 25,000 complaints have been filed since it opened its credit card complaint portal in 2010. Of those, one credit card company is responsible for 1 in 5 complaints! Capital One is the ‘winner’ when it comes to being the most complained about credit card in the country.

Street Doctor

Street Doctor

Dr Jim Withers decided that the only way he was going to be able to truly reach the homeless, was to treat them where they live. He left the confines of his office and took to the streets of Pittsburgh five nights a week, treating the homeless out of a backpack. Withers states that his