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Meet The World’s Most Adorable Antelope: Neo

Neo is a Kirk’s dik-dik Antelope, the smallest species of the breed in existence. Both he and his sister were rejected by their mother and have been in the care of the Chester Zoo staff for a majority of their lives. While Neo is a little jumpy, his much calmer sister, Aluna, has been helping


Kanye ‘Bound 2′ Kim in New Music Video

Kanye West, a pioneer of fresh and edgy entertainment, has collaborated with director Nick Knight on his new music video for ‘Bound 2′ featuring fiance, Kim Kardashian, topless on a motorcycle. Premiering on Ellen, one could say this sex simulating, heavy CGI video, is just another work of West’s vanity; however one can also see

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A Girl Who Reads

When asked what kind of girls he goes for, instead of listing the usual physical attributes, this man says he goes for a girl who reads! With no disrespect to the men to love a woman’s assets, this poet describes his love for the poetry the explodes from the lips of a girl who reads.

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Sleeping On Strangers On The Subway

How many strangers would let you sleep on their shoulders on the New York subway? This guy wanted to find out. What started as a social experiment turned into a valuable lesson about nice people doing nice things for other nice people. How nice. Sometimes the nicest thing you can do is nothing at all.

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Doritos Bread = Cheese Fingers with Class

Finally, appropriate snacks for your next Slurpee cocktail party. Bon Appetit has posted a video recipe for a loaf of nacho cheese Doritos bread, complete with the “Doritos compound” butter to spread on top. Looks good, but we’ll be substituting Cool Ranch. Will you be heading to the kitchen right away to crush your Doritos

Imagine Dragons Wows With Pop Culture Clashes

Imagine Dragons’ new music video, ‘On Top of the World’ features a plethora of iconic pop culture references from the 60s all the way to the early 80s. They tackle a myriad of categories: anywhere from flower powered hippies to Kubrick films and even go as far as moon landing conspiracy theories. This vivacious video

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Teaching an Old Orangutan, New Lingo

Azy the Orangutan has been working with tutor, Robert Shumaker, at the Indianapolis Zoo to learn a system of shapes used to express objects and actions. With a remarkable long term memory and keen ability to differentiate between patterns, Orangutans are able to associate specific shapes with definitions. Azy himself has already been able to

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Japan’s Liberation Wrapper Stirs Up Controversy!

Japan has some particularly strange customs, and one of them involves women keeping their mouths as small as possible. “Ochobo” is the belief that when a woman has a large mouth or opens her mouth to wide it’s considered disgusting. To remedy this issue, a burger joint created “The Liberation Wrapper” which hides a woman’s


A Very Gosling Birthday!

That’s right! Everyone’s favorite is saying “Hey Girl” to his 33rd year of birth! To celebrate this joyous occasion we are doing a public service and have compiled only some of the best pictures of our dearest Ryan Gosling. Whether they be candid, movie stills, or staged, Ryan Gosling can do no wrong! Whether he


Free Metro Ride? Drop and Give Me Thirty

In an effort to make its citizens more healthy, Russia has launched a new payment system for a ticket on the Moscow metro! Russians have the option to do squats in lieu of payment! 30 squats gets you 30 rubles (92 cents) which is the price of a single-ride ticket. The new payment system was

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Bits of Life In One Second Shots!

Youtuber Michal Mikolaj Wojtunik put together ten months of his life and put the bits in one second shots! It’s amazing how quickly time passes, and how sometimes it can seem like days pass like seconds. What are some of your favorite moments from the past few months? Tell us about them in the comments

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Fresh Food Vs. Frozen Food!

ASAPScience finally answered the burning question: Which is better for you nutritionally: fresh or frozen produce? The answer will surprise you! However, despite the nutritional value, the taste between the fresh and frozen produce is pretty significant. Will this change your produce buying habits, or is taste more important than nutrition? Let us know in