Lottery Winner Dead from Cyanide Poisoning



Last June, an owner of a dry cleaning establishment in Chicago won $1 millions from the Illinois lottery, and was found dead the day after he was presented with the enormous check.

After six months of believing that his death was due to natural causes, it was discovered that the man ingested cyanide the night before his death.

Urooj Khan, 46-year-old man living in Chicago declared that he wanted to live a better life when conversing with Ashur Oshana, a 7-11 clerk. Khan then purchased a lottery ticket and slowly started scratching, and his face turned to utter and complete joy. He won $1 million!

After a quick run around the block to burn off some of that excitement, he returned to 7-11 and tipped $100 to the store clerk. Ashur Oshana described the events:

“Right away he grabbed my hand,” Oshana said. “He kissed my hand and kissed my head and gave me $100. He was really happy.”

Khan vowed that after taxes, hew would donate $435,000 to a local children’s hospital and the remaining funds would go into his dry-cleaning business. A few weeks after receiving the joyous news, Khan was awarded an enormous check, while jumping and shouting,”I hit a million! I hit a million!”

The day after collecting the jackpot, Khan was found dead in his home, the cause determined to be natural. Khan’s families members sensed some foul play and requested an expanded autopsy. 6 months after his death, it was discovered that the real cause of death was due to ingesting cyanide!

The Chicago police department have launched a homicide investigation and are most likely going to exhume Khan’s body.

The medical examiner responsible for Khan’s autopsy stated:

“It’s pretty unusual,” said Cook County Medical Examiner Stephen Cina, commenting on the rarity of cyanide poisonings. “I’ve had one, maybe two cases out of 4,500 autopsies I’ve done.”


What are your thoughts on this situation?


    1. Suicide isn’t exactly a logical option–not ruling it out, but saying it’s highly unlikely.

      Why would a man, who leads a routine life, kill himself after achieving something very few get to experience? I mean, he won the lottery–that’s not exactly something you can liken to a ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card.

    2. I doubt it. It sounds like he was quite happy the night before his death when he received the check. I can’t imagine why he would run home after being handed $1 million and off himself. Not to mention that cyanide would be a painful and rather uncommon way to commit suicide.

  1. What’s really sad about this is the fact that he sounds like a really great guy. He wasn’t taking that money and blowing it on buying himself gold-plated balls, he tipped the clerk and was planning to donate the money to charity and invest it in his business. Geez, I hope they catch whoever did this.

  2. In all honesty though if I ever won a large amount of money, I would always opt for anonymity. I mean why would you want to let everyone know you won, you would be bombarded with fake friends and you would never know if people liked you or liked your money. Plus, it would restrict your spending as if you just bought all this needless expensive crap everyone would connect the dots. I mean sadly in this situation it ended in a needless death.