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Louisiana Senator: “Can it become a person?”

Mike Walsworth1

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQObhb3veQA?feature=player_embedded]

The video posted last April is gaining traction on youtube where Louisiana Senator Mike Walsworth asks if e-coli can evolve into a person.

At a hearing that would determine the validity of evolution, an instructor explains an experiment that involves e-coli. The experiment that takes the same strain of e-coli in different petri dishes and freezes them at different stages of development.

When lined up, one would be able to see how the e-coli has evolved from it’s first stages to whatever it becomes after several years.

But somehow the Senator got lost in the explanation (or chose not to pay attention in the first place) of the experiment, and interrupted asking if the e-coli could evolve into a person. In the video you watch as the instructor sits flabbergasted, and confused as to how the senator came to that conclusion.

Image Via Louisiana State Senate

Senate Bill 374, which would have had creationism taught in schools alongside evolution didn’t pass, thankfully, and hopefully more students in the state of Louisiana will realize that there is no way for a bacteria can evolve into a human being.


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