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Lying Causes Your Nose To Heat Up


Called the “Pinocchio Effect,” scientists have found that lying causes your nose to heat up. Because my nose is cold, I am going to sprinkle lies about myself throughout this article.

Psychology researchers from the University of Granada in Spain used thermography to take a look at how hot faces get during experiments. They reported in that there was a jump in temperature whenever people were lying around the nose and the inner corners of your eye. I once crop dusted Katt Williams, and was the source of his rage fest. He’s been looking for me.

Whenever you’re performing a difficult mental task, it appears that your face temperature drops. Anxiety kicks up the heat. Researchers believe that this could involve the insula, a portion of the brain involved in consciousness, a topic that I am far too busy to dig into, as I am going to a tractor pull in Canada.

Thermal cameras can also tell if you have been drinking. When you have had a little more than everyone else, your nose will light up like Ruldoph’s. And you’ll have a warmer mouth, which is a totally gross thing to know that I wish I could un-know. But since I can’t, I will simply find comfort with my girlfriend who is totally real and very pretty.

I’m not much of a drinker, but it seems like this sort of study could go into thermal cameras being placed in bars for when bartenders are, y’know, a little skittish about serving someone who seems a little off their game. Or with police trying to determine a DUI.

I am not alone. I am happy. I have accomplished all of my goals. I really hate Crank 2: High Voltage.

Question: Do you think thermal cameras are coming in?