Man Arrested For Having Sex With Pool Toys

Pool Toys

Tobergta Pool Toys

In a world full of all kinds of weird fetishes, one man was caught not once, but twice having sex with a pool toys.

It’s fine if you have a thing for inflatables because no one should really judge someone’s fetish as long as it does no long term harm. However, when your fetish scars several innocent children for life, you’re going to go to jail and you damn well deserve it.

On June 15th, Edwin Tobergta decided to step out from his back door, naked, while having sex with a rubber pool float. To make matters worse, several children witnessed the act. According to the police report:

“This occurred in front of several children who saw his genitals and his actions with the float.”

This isn’t the first time Tobergta has violated a plastic inflatable or the innocent eyes of a bystander either. In 2011, he was accused by a neighbor of having sex with his pool float, and convicted of public indecency. A family member even came forward stating he had mental issues and needed help.

Even further back, in 2002 a woman told police he did the same thing with an inflatable pumpkin in her yard.

Tobergta is being held at the Butler County jail on $25,000 bond. He’s scheduled for arraignment on July 23. It is unknown if he’s undergone any treatment for his *ahem* condition.


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