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Meet Zoe!

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This is Zoe Lush! The sweetest, most beautiful 2 year old girl that was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), more commonly known as Brittle Bone disease.

Our friends over at along with Damon Lindelof created a short video about the life of Zoe and her condition and how you can help.

When Chelsea and Curtis Lush went in for an ultrasound to learn the sex of their first child, they received news that there was something seriously wrong with the health of their baby. When the ultrasound technician pressed on Chelsea’s belly, Zoe’s skull modeled into an oval shape and upon further inspection they saw that Zoe’s femur split in two and many of her ribs were fractured. Zoe’s clavicle broke during birth and during the first few months of life she broke all of her limbs.

Zoe is diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which is a type of dwarfism. Arms and legs become deformed from the under-mineralized bone tissue and the constant fracturing. Type I OI usually goes undiagnosed because those born with the condition are usually seen as being able to bruise easier and are a bit shorter than other. Zoe has Type III, the most severe form of the disease.

Type III patients are known to break their ribs when breathing, fracture ear drums from loud noises, have brittle teeth that can chip from eating food that is too tough and never grow past three feet tall if they survive the first few grueling months of life. After three months, Zoe was breaking so often that Chelsea resorted to splinting her daughter herself because doctors are so unfamiliar with the severity of Zoe’s condition.

An important fact that most people do not realize when they meet an OI patient is that the disease does not cause any mental delay. In Zoe’s mind, she is an intelligent two year old that wants to explore her life and play with her friends outside, and maybe she can one day. There are surgeries out there that can help with her bone development but are extremly expensive and Zoe would need multiple surgeries. has set up a new website, Chive Charities, where you can donate to help the Lush’s with medical expenses. If you would like to donate click here. Anything that you can give will help them greatly. Thank You Nation!