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Mexico Wants to Change Its Name, to Mexico!


Mexico Wants to Change Its Name, to Mexico! – Mexico’s President Calderon is pushing to have Mexico shorten its name to improve the country as a whole.

Mexico’s President¬†Felipe Calderon is nearing the end of his term and is pushing to pass a bill to be passed that would officialy get the United States out of Mexico, well at least the name anyways.

I was unaware of this but the official title of Mexico is the “United Mexican States,” and President Calderon is pushing for the country to change its title to just Mexico. The country adopted the title in 1824 after they declared independence from Spain, and chose to imitate their northern democratic neighbor. The full title of Mexico is mainly used on currency, official legal documents and other government documents.

Since Calderon first joined the senate back in 2003, he has been pushing for this bill to be passed, stating:

“(this bill) doesn’t have the urgency of other reforms … Mexico doesn’t need a name that emulates another country and that no one uses on a daily basis,” he said.

Calderon also states that changing the name will boost the tourism in Mexico and reinstill a feeling of safety for people who live outside Mexico. A recent study done by the Vianovo consulting firm stated that half of Americans find Mexico unfavorable and more than 70% of Americans do not feel safe traveling south of the border.

Honestly, especially after the kind of presidency that Calderon has had, I can’t really be upset with Americans feeling that way. The most recent reports state that over 47,500 people have died during Calderon’s term in office due to cartel-related violence.

I do not see how shortening the counrties name will improve the moral of the country overall, and honestly it seems like a last ditch effort of a lame duck president on his way out the door to be remembered by his people.


What are your thoughts on the Mexico shortening its name and if you were ruler of a country, what would you name it and why?