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Miss USA Crowned Miss Universe



Don’t Panic Everyone! We were able to decide who won the Miss Universe 2012 title before the world implodes … or a comet hits us … or aliens steal our women.

The world is not going to end tomorrow!

For the first time in over 15 years, Miss USA was crowned Miss Universe! The new queen of human existence, Olivia Culpo, is a sophomore music major at Boston University.

Culpo has only recently started participating in beauty pageants. Her first pageant was last year, which she won while wearing a dress that was $25 and had a hole in it. She was crowned Miss Rhode Island, then went on to win Miss USA and now Miss Universe! That is unheard of and is pretty amazing.


olivia_culpo (2)

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OLIVIA CULPO at American Giving Awards

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Olivia is a pretty interesting girl to boot, here is a click video of the Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Olivia Culpo:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfcSN4YdV9s?rel=0]

Culpo wins an undisclosed salary, limitless beauty products, a new wardrobe and a luxury apartment in New York City.  Culpo has chosen to use her Miss Universe 2012 crown to travel the world and raise awareness for HIV / AIDS prevention.

Another highlight from last nights pageant was Miss Venezuela’s response to the following question “If you could make a new law, what would it be and why?”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiKdQZ6UBvI?rel=0]

I feel like if she answered in her native language it would have been just fine.


Who do you think should be crowned Miss Universe?


  1. Well the correct answer is my girlfriend, the obviously, Fan-boy answer is gonna be Lee, or Meg or Trisha… But I’m gonna go with a Smartass answer and say Voyager 1!! yeah!

  2. President Hugo Chavez has been in power in Venezuela for about 12 years already, this country’s economy has gone down the drain, we have been trough riots, protest, nation wide workers strikes and dollars restrictions (we can only trade our money for dollars with a VERY tight limit and asking for permision first), the electoral system is always favoring him although its very clear that most people dont want him, the last elections he won by almost 53%, which means close to half the country does not want him as president, given this new “triumph” he will be elected presiden for around 18 years, it should also be noted hes very close friends with Fidel Castro, so we know where this is going…

    and the first time you talk about Venezuela in MONTHS in the PDS is about Miss Venezuela’s fuck up??? c’mon phil….

    1. but it also means half of venezuela’s people do want him as president. you know who else’s economy has gone down the drain recently? the rest of the worlds… and that was kind of an ignorant statement on how the electoral system is showing favoritism while he has the majority vote. sorry bud if you believe you have it worse than everyone else

      1. The president of the people who organize the elections here (and most of the people who work there) have openly spoken about how they agree with everything the president does, they use his slogan, colors and simbols openly… not to mention that every election a lot of “accidents” happen that end up adding votes to him, recently they won a state and when the oposing party asked for a public count they refused

        yes, 53% is more than half the country, and yes, that means half the people do want him, but when you see first hand his followers saying they dont care whos in charge as long as they get free stuff, it kind of makes you wonder if they really agree with him or just want him for convinience (no, its not regular social help, he actually and openly steals properties and land to private companies in order to “please” the people and defeat the “capitalist empire”)
        just because everyones economy is going down it doesnt make it ok for another country go down, thats just a sad excuse

        so yeah, it was kind of an “ignorant” statement to teach someone about its own country 🙂

    1. RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! she is sooooooooooo not even “pretty” Miss Universe smh

  3. she is too skinny she needs to work on her posture, shoulder blades should be straight back not hinge over. Her abs are great, she must just do ab work out at the gym. She needs to work on some squats and kick up the protein intake, her a$$ looks like it hasn’t seen a squat ever. Her arms look like they need some definition, just because you are skinny doesn’t mean you are in shape.

  4. this is not my miss universe…. shes not pretty at all… super skinny, head to big for body that looks on edge anorexic… and her choices in bathing suit sucks… the ONE photo she looks amazing in is the photoshopped one… you know the one that actually looks like a beauty pagent contestant…