Modder Proves Sim City is Playable Offline


Surprise! Sim City doesn’t always need to be online in order to run the “complex cloud computations” that keeps the game going.

A modder proved that newest iteration in the Sim City doesn’t really require and internet connection to run, and may actually be just a form of intense DRM perpetuated by EA.

Maxis Studio Head Lucy Bradshaw stated that the game required an always on internet connection in order to play because the game “offload[s] a significant amount of the calculations to our servers” which in turn makes the game playable. However, it has been pointed out that the game has runs very simply causing issues that break how the game works.

Take for example that Sims have been seen “returning home” not to their owned homes but to the first available empty home. This algorithm defeats the purpose of following a Sim around through their day.

This “system” appears to be the same one applied to the utilities as well, and explains why the services are broken since the Sim will instead of going to a job in a specific building, merely fill the first open job. Casinos go bust, unless placed at the entrance of a city because it ends up being the first place “tourists” go to, otherwise they board the nearest public transit and head to the nearest shopping district.

The traffic patterning algorithm is also broken, with Sims taking the slower by more direct route rather than using that alternative longer but clearer route.

Now a modder has cracked the game, turning on the debug mode and showing us that the game doesn’t really need the servers for it’s “complex” calculations like those listed above. In fact, the game appears to improve since population counts become more accurate and users can edit outside their city boundaries.

It appears that EA’s case doesn’t hold any water. Wonder how they’re going to explain this one.


Do you think that the Sim City’s always on connection is a hidden DRM or is there a legitimate explanation for what’s going on? Let us know your opinion in the comments down below!