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Mom Ticketed For 3-Year Old Peeing In Public


A police officer ticketed a mother for her three-year old son’s public urination. Listen, it’s Election Day, we’ve got stuff to do, this is all we found on short notice. 

In Piedmont (heh, PEED-Mont) Oklahoma, a woman’s three-year old son was not yet potty trained. He was outside playing, and wasn’t near any bathroom, so he was all, “yo, I’mma just going to take care of this right now.”

He unzipped and a police officer saw him, pulled over and stopped him before he had a chance to take care of bu siness. He gave the mother a $2,500 ticket. The parents are all, “he’s on our property.” Officer was all, “it’s in public view.”

The argument is more for common sense. Kid does something stupid, doesn’t know it’s stupid, and you give the parents thousands of dollars in fees? Yeah, screw them.

The parents filed a complaint with the police department, and the police department rejected said complaint. Then the parents decided they’re going to go all the way to the judge and ask for him or her to throw it out.

…listen, I’m pretty much done with this one, but I have a quota of words to fill, so I’m just going to talk about something entirely unrelated.

Assassin’s Creed III is pretty fun to watch. It’s very cinematic and the Desmond scenes are way better than before. I’m still sad that Kristen Bell isn’t around anymore. But being able to run around and use a tomahawk is quite delightful. Playing multiplayer and splitting a n00b’s head down the middle with an axe?

It’s divine. Yeah. We’re going to be playing a lot of this for quite some time. I cannot wait.

Question: Was the officer being kind of a jerk? Should the judge throw out the ticket? Do we even care right now?