Moon Landings For Everyone! (With Money)


The Golden Spike Company has announced that by 2020, they will have commercialized flights to the Moon. Governments can pay into a moon landing. It’s absolute lunacy! It’s also ridiculously expensive.

The price of this flight and, I’m assuming, return? $1.4 Billion  for two people. Or more. It’s not exactly clear what the final price tag is going to be. That’s, uh, not exactly chump change. You are going to the frickin’ Moon.

However, The Golden Spike Company comes with quite a pedigree among their higher ups. Former NASA executive Alan Stern and former Apollo flight director Gerry Griffin are backing the plan. “The time is ripe for commercial human lunar exploration,” Griffin said in a press conference.

Stern is the president and CEO of Golden Spike, with Griffin as chairman of the board. (On that board? Newt Gingrich. Dude’s taking his moon base plans seriously.) They’ve loaded up their team with former NASA engineers and power brokers that can open doors for the company to bring their plans to fruition.

The expedition would include two separate launches: one that would pre-position a lander in lunar orbit. The second would send people to hook into the lander, land on the lunar surface, and then go home. I imagine they would play golf on the moon before they did that.

What’s interesting about The Golden Spike Company is that they’re not trying to attract individuals, but governments. Essentially they’re positioning themselves as an outsourcing company that other governments can pay into to have their expeditions to the moon. They’ve already noted that while they’re loaded up with NASA personnel and former American politicians, they fully intend to  take bidders “East and West” of the United States. 

QuestionDo you think this plan will work? Should we Kickstarter our trip to the moon?