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Mother Kicked Out for Breast Feeding?!

Breast Feeding

Breast Feeding


Hollister is a company that is not really known for caring what a person is like on the inside. So when a mother tried to breast feed her child in the store, the manager’s reaction was anything but kind.

Brittany Warfield was enjoying her day at Houston’s Galleria Mall, doing some after Christmas shopping when she was asked to leave after she sat down in a Hollister to breast feed her 7 month-old daughter.

The mother was incredulous at the audacity of the manager who came to the seating area in the front of the store to ask her to leave.

Warfield claims that she was covered when she began to nurse her daughter, stating:

“I laid her in my lap.  I took her hooded jacket and draped it around her head and I covered myself.  That way, no one could see me nursing.”

But not a moment later, the store manager rushed over to Warfield and began yelling at the young mother. He demanded that she leave the store screaming “You have to go.  You have to get up and go now.  You’re out here doing this.  You have to go.  We don’t have this set up for you to do that here.”

Shocked, and embarrassed the mother of three left the store distraught.

Warfield says she finds it funny that a store known for it’s scantily clad models would react so harshly to a mother discreetly breast feeding her child. She claimed that she was located near a shirtless model who was wearing far less covered than she was.

Under Texas law, mother’s are allowed to breast feed in public. After hearing about the event, hundreds of mother gathered at Hollisters all over the country to protest Warfield’s treatment.

Hollister has yet to comment on the incident.


Do you think it’s wrong in some way or another for a mother to breast feed in public? Let us know why or why not in the comments below!


  1. i don’t think it is wrong, i am not a mother, and i do not know why people are so scared of some one breast feeding in public.

  2. A store is not “public”. If they don’t want young teenagers (the people who shop at their store) associating a breast-feeding woman with their brand they have every right to ask her to leave. I am sure no one would have cared if she was sitting on a bench in the mall concourse. She just wants attention.

    1. Actually, a store is “public” and several states have laws on the books saying brestfeeding mothers have the right to feed when ever and where ever they need. People in America need to lighten the fuck up about boobs and their many uses.

      1. A store is actually a “semi-public” space and activities unrelated to the purpose of the store is not unlimitedly permitted. The store has a right to create the atmosphere they want in the place in order to sell their product.

        1. That is incorrect. Just as many cases have been decided in favor of
          breast feeding in restaurants, stores fall under the exact same
          guidelines and cannot legally prohibit breast feeding.

          1. This crazy lady just wants attention and is clouding the real argument for breastfeeding rights. I have no problem with breastfeeding in public, but it sounds like she is just “pissing on a cop car”, trying to incite an argument.

  3. It’s a privately owned / leased premises run by a business to serve paying customers – they’ve got every right to ask anyone they wish to leave. And what sort of sad person would kick up a fuss about not being allowed to breast feed in Hollister???

    1. They may ask anyone they like to leave without reason, yes. BUT, this manager expressed a specific reason, breast feeding, which is a protected right and is therefore illegally discriminating. If the manager had simply asked her to leave without giving a reason, while still pretty crappy, he/she would have been within their rights.

  4. I’m sorry, but there is NOTHING wrong with a woman’s body, and there’s nothing wrong with the perfectly natural act of breast feeding. This sort of body negative bs really makes me mad. Not only does this shame womens’ bodies, it also reinforces the hyper sexualization of them. People need to get the hell over it. There’s nothing wrong with breast feeding in public.