1. I don’t blame him for reacting and in all due defense Tom is retired he doesn’t have to work again the media can spear him for it, but he doesn’t have to answer to them at all. He’s not risking anything all he does is travel and does what he wants now so with that said if I were Tom I wouldn’t care so much. Though the last tweet was a little like dude you didn’t need to point out the account was deleted we already noticed most likely.

  2. A little of both. Tom didn’t have to be a dick about being right. On the other hand, he did sell MySpace to some Fox something place who ruined the MS experience for us all.

    1. Ummm… I meant the MySpace experience …. Not to be confused with the multiple sclerosis experience, which I would never wish on anybody.

  3. Myspace Tom is a BAMF… Seriously if Tom wasn’t a famous figure, this wouldn’t be news and Tom would automatically be in the right. Tapia had it coming, if you can dish it you should be able to take it as well. I applaud Tom!

  4. He got exactly what he deserved! If you say something like that, you have to expect to get it back

  5. “A million dollars isn’t cool. What to know what’s cool? A billion dollars.”

  6. Like my grandpa always said, “if you are going to insult someone, expect to be insulted back”.

    Also, the fact that Polo even brought up myspace in the conversation shows he was just trying to verbally stab at Tom. Tom had all right to say what he did.

  7. How is a he a douche for defending himself? I mean, could have picked something wittier to say maybe but hey, don’t try to burn the guy and expect nothing in return.

  8. I think Tom was justified in his response and that it was an awesome burn *ConfessionBear* Also, do the math… If Tom sold MySpace in 05… and FB was JUST expanding by then… doesn’t that mean that when MySpace lost liveliness, Tom had already sold it? Dude was a douche and a freaking moron… Thus, he deserved it 🙂

  9. Ironically on G+ Tom has posted a little more depth about the exchange and how different social networks react to different personalities. Interesting, not new conclusions that he reaches, but still interesting.

  10. The dude got what was coming to him. The media is a lil too knee-jerk about these things. I basically think of media today as an insolent child that cries over anything and everything for the heck of it. It’s pathetic really.

    Tom, for the first time since you sold that turd called MySpace to a senile old Australian man, you’re a BAMF!

  11. Doesn’t change the fact that he couldn’t keep a social network alive though does it?

  12. Tom did what he could to keep MySpace alive in his hands.Accord to his Twitter post, he sold MySpace for $580 million in 2005, and he’s a millionaire. Well done to Tom. He deserves to be BAMF!