Prisoners Forced To Rub Hot Sauce On Their Junk


A criminal investigation is being called for after prison inmates allege that correctional officers forced them to rub hot sauce on their genitals, which of course did not result in a more luxurious undercarriage.

Yeah, apparently they had some wicked-painful blisters on their mean bean machines. One of the prison staff of the Clinton correctional facility has already been reassigned and another placed on leave at the beginning of an internal investigation.

Back in July, six inmates wrote a letter to the US District Court in Greensboro complaining that the prison had become their own personal Abu Ghraib, being forced to strip nude and simulate having sex with one another. They were also forced to take shots of what’s called “Exotic Hot Sauce” as well as rubbing it all up on their junk.

Those who performed for the guards were given preferential treatment. They were also given cigarettes and beer, though both of those are banned in North Carolina’s prisons.

So, yeah, the COs out there are looking to be in big trouble if this investigation finds this to be true. The letter itself was a tricky legal problem, as it sparked off an investigation but the complaint could not be accepted as legal because the inmates didn’t file the complaint in the correct district.

Oh, and the last straw? The inmates also said that prison officials were forcing them to throw bunnies — bunnies — into oncoming traffic.


The inmates have also asked for legal counsel to help with their case and that they feared for retaliation by prison staff. However, the warden has now been suspended pending an investigation.