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Nerdgasm: Myst Book Working Replica

Myst Book Replica

Nerdgasm: Myst Book Working Replica!

Ok, so I am a HUGE fan of the Myst franchise.  Myst garnered me intense amounts of gamer cred in school when I was told by everyone that I “needed” the walkthrough guide to beat it.  I then drank a crap-ton of Jolt, and lived on Pixie Sticks, and within one weekend had completed the game sans any type of help.  Take that, jerky kids!

Then, Riven was the first game I owned on DVD and the graphics blew me away.  Funny to look back on that now as the end all be all in PC gaming graphics.  Ah, nostalgia… So when Meg Turney tweeted me that she found something I NEED on Reddit and it was this?  My head exploded.  If only I had $15k to buy it… Maybe one day I’ll make one of my very own, cause that’d be so much cheaper! (insert sarcasm here)

Check it out:


This replica linking book is not only accurate looking (exact edition, 135 years old, restored, with 24ct gold emossing!), it literally plays all of Cyan’s titles: Myst Masterpiece Edition, realMyst, Riven DVD edition, Riven Elementary, Myst III: Exile DVD edition, Myst IV: Revelation, Cyan’s canceled MMO attemptUru: Ages Beyond Myst and Uru: The Path of the Shell, Myst V: End of Ages, The Manhole: Masterpiece Edition, and Crowthistle.

And, brace yourselves, when you turn it on, a video plays of Atrus writing at his desk and mouthing “who the devil are you?”  AAAHHHHH!

Inside the book is a small desktop PC running Windows XP  on a 1.6 GHz Intel processor and it sports 1GB of RAM and a 32GB flash card.  The display is a 640×480 touchscreen with 2048×2048 resolution and it’s able to run the games smoothly at 30fps.  Battery life is up to 2 hours.  Pretty intense machine.

The creator is reddit user riumplus.  He said he worked on it a little everyday for about 6 years!  He’s offering it for sale for $15,625 and it even comes with other blue and white blank page props for total accuracy.

Riumplus, you are officially a BAMF.