Science 8

New Fanged Porcupine Dino! Cool! …ate plants. Boo.


Dinosaur people have identified a new dino!  It goes by the name Pegomastax africanusit’s a heterodontosaur, and I tell you what, this little guys is tricked out with all the must haves of the animal kingdom.

Sure, it’s only rocking a 2-foot-long body, but it makes up for it with fangs, beak-like jaws, and porcupine quills!  This little dude sounds like it is straight out of E.V.O. Search for Eden.  If you get that reference, I love you.

And here is a fun twist:  The fangs were not for tearing flesh from bone.  They actually busted through the dino-gums for self-defense and foraging.

So basically, the Pegomastax africanus ran around Pangaea, forging for sticks n’ stuff while dodging massive brachiosaurus feet like a Shadow of the Colossus master!

Read more on this little guy HERE.

QUESTION: What is your favorite dinosaur and what upgrade would you like to give it?  I’d give a stegosaurus wings.



  1. I would love to give velociraptors articulate voices. Like hyenas have where they learn to say the names of people and taunt them . . . Never mind, that’s terrifying.

  2. I’d give the Dinonychus opposable thumbs. I may doom us all, but it would certainly make a good horror movie or game. Imagine Dino Crisis with genetic manipulation…