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New HIV Vaccine

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A major hurdle was just cleared in critical clinical trials of a new HIV vaccine. Canadian researchers announced the phase I trial showed that your immunity is boosted from the vaccine with no adverse effects.

Scientists at Western University say that the vaccine will be “commercially viable” within five years. Have you noticed that everything is going to happen in five years? What happens in five years?

The vaccine is based off a genetically modified, dead virus, and with Phase I going well, it can now move on to the next.

Patients in the trial experienced no adverse effects, nor any reactions to it possibly being toxic to them. Now that the vaccine appears to have proven itself from a safety and tolerability perspective, now they’re going to test out just how well it can boost immunity against HIV.

Dr. Dong Joon Kim, now only known as “Dr. Dong” by people who look exactly like me, had this to say:

We have proven that there is no safety concern of SAV001-H in human administration and we are now prepared to take the next steps towards Phase II and Phase III clinical trials,”

Phase II will require rounding up a bunch of folks who are at “high risk of infection.” Meaning, uh… these folks are going to have to, like, bone infected people to test the vaccine, and maybe-possibly get infected.

Well, okay then.

Anyway, when there’s a new update, we’ll be sure to let you know. Pretty soon we’ll be able to stick our stuff wherever. I mean, I already do. Like peanut butter. Seriously. Try it. It’s like… divine.

Question: Do you think this vaccine’s going to work?