New Year’s Fireworks Display in Reverse!


This past New Year’s celebration was one for the books, especially the firework displays!

Melbourne, Australia has always been known for having some of the most spectacular firework displays in world.

YouTuber jcltay reversed a recording of the fireworks exhibition, and it is truly breathtaking! The mixture of music and pyrotechnics brings a tear to my eye! Which is alright, ya? Guys are allowed to cry when something as beautiful as this video comes along! Anyways!

Speaking of fireworks, anybody remember this episode? God, I love Family Guy!



Do you think guys are allowed to cry?


What is your favorite Family Guy episode?

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  1. Anthony says:

    In my country there are some firework exhibitions, days before new years. In my country all fireworks are allowed to be thrown by civilians, there are no laws (that I know of) that requires professionals to deal with the fireworks. So to say, the sky in beautiful when New Years hit :D

  2. Whacked Cat says:

    Yeah, it’s okay for guys to cry… but only when they get shot in the head. Favorite Family Guy episode is “Saving Private Brian”.

  3. Tyler says:

    I watched the fireworks upside down on my phone to make them seem more realistic

  4. Nana says:

    guys can cry for emotional things and SEVERE pain, the episode where brian and stewie go to nazi germany, and why does this video remind me of a reverse orgasm?

  5. the episode where stewie got that turtle sheldon and it tryed to kill him