North Korea Successfully Pisses Off the World



Late Tuesday evening, North Korea successfully launched a long-range missile around 7:49 pm EST into the Pacific Ocean. They claim to have launched a weather satellite into orbit, which was confirmed by NORAD.

North Korea is overjoyed after recovering from the embarrassment back in April to finally have a successful launch, while the rest of the world is furious!

Although the missile was not a threat to North America, the test was seen as a ballistic missile test and the world reacted accordingly. Obama spoke about “Iran-style sanctions” on North Korea, along with US National Security Council spokesperson Tommy Vietor’s statement:

“[This launch was a] highly provocative act that threatens regional security.”

China stated that they were angry and “deeply concerned” about the launch, but “they have said that before,” quoted from the New York Times. Japan, Britain and South Korea panicked and called for emergency UN security council meeting to determine the appropriate actions.

It does not seem like there will be any UN sanctions, due to China still backing North Korea, even though they disapprove of the launch.

Although North Korea did warn about this launch weeks prior, this does not excuse the fact that it did present a potential danger for neighboring countries and I believe there should be consequences. Maybe my views are a bit extreme, but what do you guys think?

Question Nation:

What do you guys think of the missile launch and how the world reacted?