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Obese Woman Dies After Being Turned Away by Airlines


Vilma Soltesz died in Hungary this past September after being refused for boarding by three separate airlines.

Mrs. Soltesz and her husband Janos, had no issues when flying into the country of Hungary. However when the couple attempted to return to New York for Vilma’s life saving kidney treatments, the airline KLM deplaned the 425 pound woman siting a faulty seat back and lack of a proper seat belt extension as the reason.

The couple did not trust the health care system in Hungary to properly suit Vilma’s needs and drove for five hours to Prague to try their luck with Delta Airlines and a larger plane. Sadly, a Delta spokesperson has stated that Delta crew members were “physically unable to board” Vilma onto the aircraft since there was no one there who could operate the sky-lift.

Upon returning to Hungary, the couple attempted to return to New York with a third airline: Lufthansa. Unfortunately, Lufthansa was unable to secure Vilma into the plane despite working for over thirty minutes with  “local partners, the fire brigade and technical experts” to securely fasten her seat belt. The captain made the call, and deplaned Vilma, asking her to leave for her own safety and the safety of the passengers around her.

Mrs. Soltesz’s health began to deteriorate rapidly and she passed away two days later of kidney failure.

Mr. Soltesz claims that the initial airline KLM was aware of Vilma’s condition and had even emailed the couple to make sure that proper arrangements could be made for their return flight. He believes that all three airlines are directly responsible for the death of his wife, and is currently seeking litigation against them.

KLM, for its part, stated that it made “every effort” to assist the couple, but “it was not physically possible for her to board the aircraft.”


Do you think the airlines are responsible for Vilma Soltesz’s death? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Just a thought…could the husband be charged as an accessory to murder…at some point she would not have been in a condition to make her own decisions, leaving him to decide what to do about her medical care.

    1. I agree 100%, that this point, drastic surgery should have been done to increase her quality of life instead she was pushed around like a blimp, so SAD! Now if the airlines refused her while she was seeking that medical help, by all means, sue them.