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Oh Baby! GIF Roundup


Oh Baby!

I’m full on putting it out there: I love babies.  I love babies like Lee loves dinosaurs. I don’t have any currently, but I love to love on everyone else’s, and I definitely would like a collection of them at some point in my life.

“You know what women love?  Babies!  You know what babies love?  Boobies!  It all comes full circle…” – Lee Newton

I think all types of babies are cute – large and small, adorable and funny-looking, happy and sad, hyper and sleepy, and on and on. There is just something about those tiny wittle faces that makes me happy even in the bluest of moods. So – because Oxford officially made the word ‘GIF’ US word of the year yesterday – check out this collection of baby GIFs I’m lovin’ on today!


I think someone just sold her the ME2 version of Black Ops 2.

Baby’s first experience with fireworks – me too buddy, me too.

Sleeping baby’s arms on auto-pilot!

This is how I got when I found out I have to see Twilight next week.

Baby’s first grapefruit


The nicest kid in the world, and my #1 this week

Hope everyone enjoyed!

Question: What’s the best baby GIF you’ve ever seen?