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15 Year Old Slays Dragon Force’s Through the Fire and Flames

Someone get Tina S. an agent, because she’s crushing it. If this video evidences what happens when talent and dedication are guided by experience, then clearly teacher Renaud Louis-Servais is earning his bread. For everyone else lacking the skills, desire, or time, there’s always the power of imagination. Then again, who knows how much better she could become with a “certain” teacher?


Fictional Character Propoganda!

IT’S TIME FOR THE DRAWING BOARD. GET. PUMPED. Let’s start this off with last week’s design that will stay on site forever! The winner is….Knight Of The Underworld! The below design was created by Ioannis Hadjikyriakou. Congrats and thanks for an awesome design! And now, for your featured presentation. This week’s theme is Fictional Character Propaganda, and honestly, it’s super badass. I’m too in love with some of these designs. Let’s dive right in! Human Strife, by Jordan Heaver  Right off the bat with some Naruto! I like all the colors in this piece, the purple especially stands out to





Ronda Rousey Told She Can’t Beat Up a Man

Note to self: Never talk shit to a UFC champion.


Vince Vaughn and Co. Create Stock Photos To Promote ‘Unfinished Business’

I’ve gotta admit, I have some stock in this game. Unfinished Business, which comes out this Friday, March 6th, is a film I worked on back in 2013 while I was an intern at Escape Artists. But that doesn’t make this newest promotional effort any less AWESOME. Unfinished Business sees Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco, and Tom Wilkinson take their small business to Europe to compete against a giant company for a contract. The giant company is Vaughn’s former employer, hence the title of the film. To promote the film, Twentieth Century Fox teamed up with iStock by Getty Images to



An Adventure Time movie is in the works from Warner Bros.! ALGEBRAIC!!!


Taco Bell Testing Cap’n Crunch Balls

And they’re filled with milky cream icing.


There Is A Batman Hotel Room With Your Name On It

Bat-signal and Batmobile included. Adulthood sold separately.


Astronomers Discover Black Hole 12 Billion Times Bigger Than Our Sun

Researchers at Peking University have announced the discovery of one of the largest black holes known to science. The black hole, named SDSS J010013.02, is 12 billion times bigger than our sun, and six times bigger than other black holes of equivalent age.


Man Builds ‘Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon Guitar

Doni from Doni’s Custom Guitars has built two Millennium Falcon guitars, and they are pretty awesome!

Oldest Dinosaur Found

Scientists have discovered a dinosaur that’s so old it pushes back the timeline of dinosaurs a good ten million years. From off in the distance, I can hear Lee squee.

Paleontologists have discovered and identified what they believe to be the oldest dinosaur on record. The new species, which they’ve named Nyasasaurus parringtoni, is so old that researchers aren’t quite yet ready to call it a dinosaur.

The fossilized bones were discovered back in the 1930s, but they must’ve just been misfiled or otherwise tossed into a pile of other bones for some time, as only now have they undergone extensive testing. They believe the Nyasasaurs would be considered either a dinosaur itself, or a “missing link” — the closest known relative to the dinosaurs.

About 10 to 15 million years in the Middle Triassic, the Nyasasaurus was walking around, which may push back when scientists believe the dinosaurs were hanging around.  The project was led by Sterling Nesbitt, a postdoctoral biology researcher at the University of Washington.

They were walking around when the earth looked kinda like this:

I mean, not flat, but the continents were all squished together.

Nyasasaurus was a herbivore, about the size of a dog, which means we can dream of a day where you had a Labrador-sized dinosaur. Awesome.

Imagine a Nyasasaur just hanging out on the back lawn, catching a tennis ball and running it back to you. And then eating all of your plants.

Question: What dinosaur would you like to see shrunk down to dog size and petified?