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OPINION: Why Movies Suck Nowadays



Why Movies Suck Nowadays

My wife and I were talking the other night, and we came to a conclusion: I don’t really like movies. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I like them. But I don’t LIKE them, if you know what I mean. I’m not a movie buff.

I’m a television guy. I love my TV. I love my Community, Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, and a slew of others. I think that television has surpassed film both in quality and in scope over the past several years, just as I think (hate me or not) rap music has trumped rock in terms of originality. This year, the word that I would use to describe movies would be “disappointing.” The Dark Knight Rises (as much as I loved it) and The Avengers were both tentpoles of letdown for me.

My favorite movies of the year were probably Django Unchained, Cabin in the Woods, and 21 Jump Street. Honorable mentions would be Lawless, Looper, Argo, and The Dark Knight Rises, which honestly should be firmly planted in my top films of all time. It’s not, so there’s that word again: disappointing.

When I look at my three favorite movies of the year, there are some similarities. All three have horrendously uncomfortable moments. All tell stories that are unpredictable. The craziest story is, of course, Django Unchained, which I believe everyone should see. Historical accuracy be damned, Django Unchained is everything a movie should be. When I left the theater, I was visibly sweaty from stress.

If more movies were like Django Unchained, I might actually like them.

If more movies were as unapologetically MOVIE-ish as Django Unchained, I might like them. When I look at my three favorite (favorite, not best) movies of the year, each one says something about Hollywood. Django Unchained gets movies back to their roots and uses the medium to tell an amazing story. Cabin in the Woods and 21 Jump Street are commentaries on originality in both horror and comedy, respectively. That commentary is basically summed up with, “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

I need to like movies more. But movies also need to get better. Here is a list of things that Hollywood needs to fix:

  • Get them closer to the 90-minute mark again. I don’t need to nearly pee on myself every time I go to the theater.
  • Be original in dialogue and pacing, not necessarily in plot. There are no new plots, but you can figure out a better way to get from point A to point B. Movie screenwriters need to watch Breaking Bad and learn a thing or two about storytelling.
  • Audiences aren’t dumb. Stop treating them as such.
  • If your trailer is more enjoyable than your film, go back and work on your film some more.
  • If you’re a comedy, the f-bomb is not inherently funny. If you’re a horror, the jack-in-the-box shtick is not inherently horrifying. If you’re a romantic comedy, I don’t need to see a stupid obligatory misunderstanding. If you’re action/superhero, seriously, cool it a little on the CGI.

These thoughts and opinions are solely my own. I know saying that I enjoyed 21 Jump Street over The Dark Knight Rises is borderline blasphemous, but here’s the thing: One surpassed my expectations, and the other fell short. Although objectively, the Batman film trumps the buddy cop comedy, subjectively I preferred the latter. 

Do you think movies need to, as a whole, improve? How so?


  1. I completely agree with you. Although i do consider myself a movie buff, i try to see every movie that comes out…even the crappy ones lol Just wanted to point out that Django Unchained WAS almost 3 hours long 😛 But yeah, I LOVED those three movies 🙂

  2. Yes, there are too many many poor quality movies; if I’m going to bother paying $$$ going to the cinema, the game needs to change significantly!

  3. Elliot, YOU SUCK!!! So kidding!! 🙂 I actually agree with you “mostly”. I completely understand where you are coming from on the 21 Jump Street to Batman. I was very unhappy with how they did Batman BUT I have to say I THINK, and I of course could be wrong but I think they were steering Batman towards the Batman Beyond era. If I am right then that would be cool as hell. I loved Batman Beyond cartoon and to see it become live action would rock! 21 Jump Street was funny and I liked how they did it all and they way they changed the genre of kids in the school as to who was cool now as apposed to 20 years ago was great! SO, I see where you are going.

    Great Job Elliot, keep up the good work 🙂

  4. That music comment Elliott!? Rap surpassing rock? Really? If anything the whole club sound really took over after the Black Eyed Peas completely dominated the charts a couple of years ago, but I’d say the only originality in rap is some of the lyrics – many of the themes are constant by nature. Rock on the other hand is really starting to come back into its own of late. There are tons of new rock bands emerging with huge talent, and I’d probably label many up and coming solo musicians and songwriters on YouTube in their shadow too. Can’t quite say the same about rap.

    Anyway, this was a movie article?

  5. As a film student, I agree. It seems as though most movies since after 2005(ish) have been seemingly boring. I have not seen Django Unchained, but as I type this I am about to leave to go watch it with my eyeballs.

    My top films of the year that I saw were Looper, Skyfall and Lincoln. Cabin in the Woods is a close 4th with 21 Jump Street in the mix as well.

    Looper was all around original, although I felt that TK was thrown in at the last minute and didn’t really fit, but the whole time travel part to the movie has already been done a million times so the film needed something fresh.

    Skyfall was gorgeous. The cinematography made me want to lick the screen because I felt that it would just taste as good as it looked!

    Lincoln was the best written/acted film of the year by far. Slow moving, but one that you could watch on a slow day.

    Other than those, Hollywood sucked this year and 2013 isn’t looking too good either with Texas Chainsaw being the first film of the year. There are a few films I am looking forward to, but I do agree anything over 2 hours is too long! (Past 3 films I have seen – Les Mis (2:30), Skyfall (2:30), Lincoln (2:45).

  6. Elliot good article sir. I agree with you on a few aspects, many of the movies that were suppose to be the best were let downs and dialogue in flims these days is sub par thats why i love movies like Django as well

  7. The Dark Knight Rises was quite a disappointment for me as well. Most Hollywood movies now are overhyped and have you in the theaters expecting too much.

  8. I’m going to have to disagree with you about The Avengers, Mr. Morgan. Superhero movies have an awful tendency to be cheesy (last year’s Spiderman, anyone?) yet The Avengers had spot-on comedy that was unexpected. I think it helped the film a lot. Another thing I would suggest Hollywood needs to fix is to stop using New York City. I think we’ve seen plenty enough ways to demolish The Statue of Liberty.

  9. I think you need to watch more indie films man, though they don’t usually get the most press etc. They tend to focus more on characters and plot and all the things you were talking about.

  10. As much as agree that the old films are the best, Fight Club, Forest Gump, Goodfellas, the list goes on. Films now a days are to unrealistic and go in a straight line from start to finish rather than taking a de-tor to admire the sights. Avengers, Spiderman, the bat man were all ruined for me by because none of them were as good as they should have been, and all of them tried to sell them sells themselves on CGI action sequences, Famous names, cheap jokes or hot women (which don’t get me wrong isn’t always a bad thing) but who seriously remembers avengers for its captivating story line or moments which provoked emotion?
    For me the best film this year was Skyfall, Great Cast, had its Action moments but wasnt over the top, and they stayed away from CGI, Skyfall is a film that will be called a classic in 50years, as is stuck to what made the old films great.

    1. Skyfall was a horrible letdown as far as James Bond movies are concerned. The Plot was dumb and it just felt like I was watching any other generic action movie with some James Bond references thrown in.

  11. I think this should be renamed, “I don’t have the attention span for modern cinema.”

  12. Totally agree with these points made. Especially with the industries need to cool it with the cliches. Great movies mess with the audience by breaking convention.

  13. I like the last thing on your list of things Hollywood needs to fix, especially the one about comedies. The f word in comedies is so unnecessary these days and can make it harder for me to enjoy.

  14. Agreed. I only remember seeing one movie last year, and that was The Hobbit. It was the only one I had any real interest in viewing, and that’s a little sad. That a movie absolutely needs something I know I’ll like to even get me out of the house kind of sucks.

  15. I agree with Charles Culliton watch more indie flicks I’m a big movie buff and my favorite film of last was an indie flick by Wes Anderson called Moonrise Kingdom, see indie films are brilliant because they don’t have the constrains of big Hollywood movies many indie films don’t make their money back which is something big budget films have to do so the directors compromise to make the film more palatable with indie films you’re able to do what you want meaning better more intricate plots and deeper character development.I also disagree that a movie needs be closer to 90 minutes how are you supposed to be invested in the characters in such a small amount of time?

    1. I think one problem with movies in general is that they try and make their plots too intricate. A simpler plot that is told in a different way is much more effective than a more convoluted plot which is crammed into the time constraints of a film.

      The intricate plots are best left to TV, where they have the time to do them due diligence.

  16. I agree. I feel much more satisfied with a movie when I can somewhat predict what’s going to happen. That does not mean that the plot has to be predictable to enjoy it, but the path taken through that plot has to be one that requires some thought or interpretation on my part. I always enjoy a movie more when I can discuss it and digest it with my friends afterwards rather than a movie being a pill I swallow. Even if that discussion just involves shouting various lines from the movie at each other. Like the “I have a milkshake” scene from There Will Be Blood.

  17. I agree. Most movies Nowadays are extremely predictable. I can watch the previews or first 5 minutes of pretty much any movie and explain the plot and ending. Most new movies are old movies with a fresh set of actors, in a different scene or location, with maybe a slight twist in the story…. but its all the same crap. Change it up people!!! =0)

  18. I definitely aree with this. I enjoy watching various TV series over movies. Movies today have a very hard time standing out, and they all seem to just do exactly the same things. Django Unchained was a pleasant surprise for me (although not surprising). I’ve always loved Tarantino’s movies, he always seems to come up with interesting characters, worlds and storylines. I think it’s a pretty fair assumption that movies are now the weakest of story telling mediums. At least compared to television, video games and books.

  19. Want your faith in movies restored Elliot? Jump on netflix and look up the movie INK. Its an indie film, but you wont be able to tell. It is also the most original movie I have seen in many many years. You will be amazed I promise.

  20. Pfff, Open you’re eyes guys. There have ALWAYS been sucky movies. ALWAYS! It’s just when we look to the past we only see the ones history has remembered because they were the only films awesome enough to afford remembrance, which then leads us to believe that they were the only movies to come out back then and therefore, movies today suck in comparison. Well that’s just not true. Go to wikipedia and look up all the American films released in 1977, because no, it wasn’t just Saturday Night Fever, The Rescuers, and Star Wars. A LOT of movies came out that year and most of them probably sucked. I think movies are awesome these days, ESPECIALLY with independent on a huge rise. We’re getting a lot of cool storys and visual effects and all that nonsense. Do you have any idea how much we have today, in form of movies, that my grandfather wish he had when he was younger? We’ve got it made, ladies and gents. And it’s only going to get better because indie is biting at Hollywood’s heels and BEGGING for even better stories to be told. Just take a step back and realize that we’re actually doing pretty good, and if you’re not happy with that then just wait a hot second, because it’s getting better all the time.

  21. I think that they have run out of ideas for an original stuff or at least ways to tell it. I think all writers for movies, tv shows, and book writers just need together and fix their problems. I also notice that a lot of movies and tv shows are now making shows and movies based on books. which is more of that they are running out of ideas or just want the money. Plus I hate to throw the economy excuse out there but reality shows has really taken off in the past couple of years and most of them are crap too.

  22. I completely agree. Movies now are enjoyable but also forgettable. Something to do when bored. What once was an experience to transport yourself into another world has become predictable and dissappointing. Rarely will you find a film that will have something new; something to make one think. Hollywood needs to stop making movies 2hrs long, using CGI for everything and releasing 10 different kinds of Comedy/Action/Romance…etc in a year. It clogs and destroys what films once were about.

  23. I have to disagree with you Elliott. I feel that movies are our modern day theatre, the scope and the wide ranges of places they take us are hard to duplicate on television. The thing I love about cinema is the emotions you feel in the moment that a plot is revealed, you get instant pay off with cinema. While with television you’re always left with cliff hangers and unsure of what is to come. I do feel that there were better movies, this year, that many missed out on. Such as: Seven Psychopaths, Goon, The Raid: Redemption, and Chronicle. I could add more to the list, but my point is that cinema is coming to a point where we are becoming more and more creative and beginning to hear more from unknown directors and actors thanks to sites like youtube.

  24. Watch seven psycopaths it was amazing. I don’t think movies have gotten any worst, but it wakes time for a year of movie to be reviewed even after the rear is finished. Look at the Shawshank Redpemtion, it didn’t get popular until it went to dvd.

  25. Django Unchained still isn’t out here in the UK – so I can’t speak for that – but I do feel 2012 has been a great year for cinema. Movies you mentioned – like Cabin in the Woods, Looper, 21 Jump Street – all tried doing something different. They took decent stories and made them into great films through sheer force of will and determination.

    There’s too much trying to make complicated story lines the heart of films nowadays, when it’s really more about the story telling and the characters. Leave the more complex plot lines to TV, where they have the time to do them justice. Trying to cram a Breaking Bad style slow burner into a 90 minute film just isn’t doable.

  26. I agree with what you’re saying but that first thing “Hollywood needs to fix” is stupid. You want films to be short because you have a weak bladder? If all films were like that we wouldn’t have epics which often are the best films of all time. Ben-Hur, Titanic, Lord of the Rings, Bridge on the River Kwai and Lawrence of Arabia should’ve been shorter according to you? I understand for blockbusters but you were talking about movies as a whole. Not just the big action blockbusters which do need to be shorter most of the time

  27. I agree with you on the most part however keeping movies at about 90 minutes is too short to tell a truly compelling story like the lengths of Django so I would double check your post before you contradict yourself

  28. there is no need to defend the dark knight rises, it was the epitome of disappointing, awful storyline, awkward fights, useless villain, poor camera angles all around, anne hathaway not even attempting to be sexy (at least i hope not). the best part was the last two seconds.

    as for movies nowadays, I believe that there is still room to work with plot. If you haven’t seen the movie snatch, go watch it right now, it is absolutely genius. I couldn’t sum up the plot for you if i tried. it is entertaining as hell and has the most ridiculous story ever.

    A movie that came out this year and that I believe will live on and stand out in an already infamous series, is Skyfall. It embraced its own stereotypes but didn’t make fun of them, it understood what was expected and didn’t backdown, it understood its limitations and instead of copping out or trying to break free of them it flushed them out and went for making the film as good as it could be as a whole instead of going for one big selling moment.

    What we need to remember is that at no point in history has every movie of the year been a classic or even necessarily very good. Hollywood can’t possibly make every movie as amazing as forest gump or the Dark Knight, but we got actually got quite a few quality movies out of the year, more than I was expecting. Keeping things in perspective is key and remembering that not every movie can be as good as it might have had the possibility of being. At least not if we want there to always be movies in the theatre.

  29. movies should be 2 hours. any less than that is a waste of my money. (are they going to reduce the ticket price 25% because they shorted me 25% of the movie time? most likely not) Any more than that, and you really cant get up to do anything, even if you need to.

  30. What I think movies lack is subtly. Sometimes, the movies with the less action leave me with much more to think about. Tension should be created by raising questions and exploiting compelling arguments between characters, rather than having them duel an all-out CGI fight (i.e. Iron Man 1 vs. Iron Man 2).

    Characters are what drive the plot, fleshing them out and forcing them to make tough decisions is key to making a story interesting. Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead do this really well. Both shows tackle their own long, drawn-out issues in which neither show seems to make much progress, but, even if the plot doesn’t seem to move, the characters change and evolve based on the events caused and decisions made by one-another.

    I mostly agree with Elliott (Audiences aren’t dumb, but I love longer movies). Hollywood and the television networks need to start paying attention and read up a little on the technicalities of storytelling. Maybe it’s just quality control that needs revision, but either way, give control (and cash) to the creators!

  31. Quentin Tarantino is by far my favorite director, excellent piece Elliot. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  32. As much as I agree with you on most accounts… one should rethink their bladder skills if they can’t sit in a chair for two and a half hours without risking the self pee. Just saying~

    I personally enjoy long movies quite a lot. Despite the fact that many movies suck, more time just gives more opportunity to tell a decent story and 90 minutes is practically always not enough time to do that convincingly. I almost never sat in a theatre wishing a not already sucking movie to be over faster, while I oftentimes was disappointed by the early end of a movie that I might have liked a lot more if they took a tad more time.

  33. Indie films are seriously the way to go at the moment. Smaller budget films that you know nothing about, jump right in and you get blown away. This year I’ve been blown away by Safety Not Guaranteed (fantastic movie billed as a sci-fi but oh boy does it surprise you) and Moonrise Kingdom (took me completely by surprise, I didn’t know what to expect and it was just mesmerizing). Looper (my film of the year), Argo (so close to my film of the year) and TDKR (I freaking loved it, man) are all worthy of a mention too, but find the smaller budget films, the ones that come out of nowhere like District 9 did a few years ago and just DESTROYED everything else that came out that year, and you’ll love movies all over again.

  34. I honestly feel like movies today are a product of the first generation of people who didn’t enjoy reading. I feel like thats why we are seeing things like a remake of Red Dawn instead of…ANYTHING ELSE. I mean why else does such amazing material ( such as Vince Flynn’s writing) not get produced.

  35. Being only 16, and only being a film/TV geek for only 2-3 years, I really have to agree that older movies are just amazing compared to the films that come out today. Also, I totally agree that TV is becoming way better then films. I just think that TV shows like Game of Thrones, Sherlock or Doctor Who are much better then any films that are recently coming out.

  36. In defense of The Avengers, it made super hero films fun to watch again. It was purely entertaining and wasn’t trying to be “dark” and “serious.” After The Dark Knight came out, everyone and they’re fucking mother wanted to make everything and anything with a dark and serious “realistic” tone. Some stories are worth having that feel, but not every single movie. Sure The Avengers had a crap story line, but you possibly couldn’t make it complex with strong and well recognized characters taking up the screen. The route that Whedon took with the story line was the best choice out of all the possible conclusions that could have occurred. And like I said, it made hero movies fun to watch again.

    That being said, I consider myself to be an open minded fan when it comes to film. I appreciate movies that make you think, and others that just flat out entertain. There are a few good films that come out every once in a while, which is why I still have faith in Hollywood. There’s just too many people thinking about the money nowadays, instead of focusing on making a damn. good. film.

    1. Yeah at that point I am convince he’s lost his damn mind. He’s entitled to that opinion not matter how wrong he is. Unless of course he’s talking about rap that isn’t mainstream at all, then I can back that up.

      1. Though indie-rap (if that is a word that exist) is pretty good. There are some great youtube rappers while I dislike most rap that is being played on the radio.

  37. As soon as he said rap music surpasses ANYTHING…even the most base and simplistic music…I lost confidence in Elliott’s taste. He’s a smart guy to be sure, I can tell from the stories he chooses to report on and the way he reports on them…but liking Dark Knight Rises and hating Avengers? Nah Brah.
    I’ve literally watched thousands of movies since I was a child, and I can agree that there is a decline in some quality of many movies….but I would equate that more to the simply enormous amount of movies per year. By this I’m suggesting that because there’s so much to watch…you’re going to view some crappy stuff…but there are tonnes of gold nuggets out there! sorry for the rant. And I do agree that tv is pretty awesome too.

  38. If you have not seen it already you should check out silver linings playbook. The acting is fantastic with big names like Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and Jennifer Lawrence. The movies reality portrayal of mental illness adds a unique spin to the film. A Overall well made film, the plot and dialogue is trimmed with nothing useless or overly cliché. One of the best movies I have seen in quite some time.

  39. I agree with Charles Culliton. I just watched a little indie movie on Netflix called ‘Like Crazy’. It was really interesting and beautiful to watch. It didn’t run like you thought it would…or even perhaps how you wanted it to because it was unapologetically real. Not to say that there was a huge amount of sex, nudity, language, or anything else. It was just, real in the way that conversations were not perfectly crafted. People were awkward sometimes. There was real uncertainty, real indecision, and anxiety. At the end most people will probably be a little mad since again its not necessarily what you want to have happen, but it makes you reflect on your own relationships.

  40. I can’t wait for Hollywood to make a movie over The Dark Tower by Stephen King. The plot is absolutely wonderful, the characters are detailed and the story is simply amazing. When I’d rather read a book than go out with friends to see a movie, something is definitely wrong with the cinema companies and screenwriters. I don’t tend to watch new movies in the theater in fear that I won’t like the movie and end up wasting $10 on something I’m just gonna end up complaining about later.

  41. Well, some years have lots of really good to all time great movies, and some dont. I think TV had a down year as well. Also i bet 14 year old Elliott would have loved TDKR above all else. Feature length films have been around for almost a 100 years, so
    if you really want to watch a great film there’s plenty you haven’t seen
    yet. Whereas TV has just hit its stride last decade and most of the
    really original shows are still being produced or still feel kind of
    fresh. And I don’t think you can love TV without being in to movies, it’s all just stories. With that in mind, I thought Moonrise Kingdom was really good, probably my favorite of the year together with Perks of Being a Wallflower, Cabin in the Woods and weirdly Cloud Atlas.

  42. I would agree. It does seem in recent years, movies have been started to hit the bottom of the barrel with originality, story telling and quality.
    Even the movie stars know it. So many are moving over to television shows. (Breaking Bad)
    But I would say, maybe these screenwriters should also look towards video games.
    They have been great recently at STORY TELLING. Particularly the ME trilogy, or Batman: AC and AA, Skyrim, etc..
    Video games are really just movies, but you get to interact with them and take the story one way or another. If you choose to do so.

  43. 2012 was one of the best movie years for me personally (note: i’m only 21 tho). I see movies as a ‘quickie’ entertainment wise. They’re 2-3 hours max, which is nothing compared to other forms of entertainment like TV series(10hours per season) or games(10 to 100 hours of gameplay) or reading a book. That’s why I don’t mind a more basic/unoriginal/superficial storyline compared to other media.
    I thoroughly enjoyed The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Lawless, Looper, Skyfall, Cabin in the Woods, Prometheus, THe Hobbit etc even though some the storylines/dialogues weren’t that original or good. Ofcourse there are still a ton of movies so bad even the CGI can’t do it for me(battleship/about every horror in 2012). But there were also a few films in 2012 where the storyline/dialogue was very good: Argo or Cloud Atlas for example.
    Last but not least, 2012 was filled with movies that were good, but not great: MI 4, Safe House, The Grey, Chronicle, American Pie, MIB3, The Raid, Expendables 2, Total Recall, Dredd 3D, The Campaign, Killing Them Softly, Savages, End of Watch, Jack Reacher.
    So yes, you might not be blown away at the end of each movie, and the storylines/dialogue won’t always stick in your head and make you think, but I don’t really expect that of movies anyway. I see it as a quick form of entertainment that (hopefully) leaves you satisfied.

    Maybe you should change your expectations about movies, and try to not compare them to TV, but see it as a medium on it’s own.

  44. I think movies are just as good as they’ve always been, and the CGI and accessibility of film making is making them better. Take The Dark Knight for example, arguably the best film of the last 10 years. Sure Nolan could have done a lot with CGI that wouldn’t have detracted from the film, but he decided to shoot on location and through the status of Hollywood in the World at the moment could do that. I mean come on he built a false wall in the middle of Chicago Town Hall (correct me if I’m wrong but I think that was the location they used for the bank in the opening sequence) and crashed a school bus through it!
    Of course every movie you see isn’t going to be the best film of the last 10 years, but there have been some that have really surprised me recently. End Of Watch was absolutely fantastic, as was Silver Linings Playbook and Seven Psychopaths (EOW and 7P being in my top 5 of the year with Prometheus and DKR). I don’t know, I just think that movies are so subjective, and lowering expectations and seeing as much as you can helps a lot. That’s what helped me survive the soul crush that was the ‘meh’ of The Hobbit.

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