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Top Sites Respond to New YouTube Layout


YouTube has started rolling out their newest layout and the reception has been less than stellar.

So as not to fall too far behind, other sites have also looked to revamp their pages in hopes to keep people interested, and not “Snooki-out” to a point where no one cares any more.

We spoke to some of your favorite sites and managed to get our hands on some of the changes they are planning to undergo:

With the smashing success and overwhelming adoration of timeline, we at Facebook are proud to introduce the Timeline Timeline. This will be a timeline where you can see all of your friend’s timelines at once. We’re also adding a more maps for Facebook Places to show places where you’ve been, where you currently are, and where you’re thinking about going.

We’re putting the search bar back where the compose tweet box was. This is partially to keep you on your toes, and partially because we really enjoy when you accidentally tweet your own name when you were just trying to search for people talking about you.

Our navigation tab is now solely 1 direction tribute accounts and pictures of fingernail art. Also, we will automatically start hashtagging each individual word in the description since people seem to do that anyway.

 We will now be posting pictures of the users who are selling the crafts next to the items in hopes that the crazy, lost look in an old lady’s eye might make you more likely to by a $100 hand knit hat for an egg.

Front page is now just a rotating slideshow of cats, boobs, and Snoop Dogg asking himself questions.

News is great, but this video of Elliott dancing in a Nickelodeon commercial from 1999 is better, so we’re just going to be reuploading this every Monday:


Note: These may or may not be real changes (definitely not real). However, if you see any of these changes happen, let me know immediately so I can reap in some of those sweet Internet dollars by way of an intellectual property lawsuit.

Question: What do you think about the new YouTube layout?


  1. Is it weird that I thought this was true until I got to Instagram. Mostly because Facebook would make a stupid change like that to their website, and to be honest it sounded a little cool and I always kinda saw Twitter as the little annoying brother of the internet. But then Instagram, I realized that was fake because it’s to hipster to like 1D that much.