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Outlast: Combatless Survival Horror


I’m breaking away from politics for a little bit, because y’know what? I need to play me some games. And there’s one coming out next year that I really want to play: Outlast. The trailer looks scary as hell and I am already a fan of new developer Red Barrels. The revival of PC gaming makes me very, very happy.

You play journalist Miles Upshur, who, after acting on a tip from an unknown source, goes into an asylum that at one time had been run by the CIA. It closed down when its MKULTRA program was ended; a shadowy company called the Murkoff Corporation (sounds like Umbrella) reopened the building, and Upshur wants to know why.

Obviously, things don’t go so well once he gets there.

Here’s the trailer:

Red Barrels is comprised of a number of former Ubisoft employees, and Philippe Morin, co-founder of the new developer, decided to break away when he had risen up the ranks enough to where he felt like he was talking about games more than actually making them.

The new company’s decision to go into full on survival horror really, really appeals to that Silent Hill part of my brain. Even more frightening is that the game will not have any combat. They intend Outlast to be all about running and hiding from enemies, and finding interesting ways to neutralize them. You won’t have a gun. You won’t have a knife.

Morin says:

In terms of stealth, it’s really a central focus of the game. You analyze your environment, where the enemies are, and if you’re spotted, you know you’re in trouble. So it’s pretty close to a stealth game, even if it’s a horror game. And if the enemy sees you, that’s where it’s different from a Splinter Cell game; instead of getting shot at, you have to run and hide.

Thus far, all I see is you’ve got legs, and you’ve got a camera with night-vision. It is my hope that things stay that way, but I’m sure your reporter guy will be acquiring new items throughout the game. Outlast will be released on Steam — obviously.

Question: How do you feel about a non-combat survival horror game?