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Over 17,000 Men have Injured Their Penises


Between 2002 and 2010, over 17,000 men have hurt themselves in zipper-related injuries.

If you didn’t think it was possible, guess again, since several thousand men have fallen to the much feared zipper injury.

There are alternatives to zippers for those who manage to hurt themselves often. There’s always button fly’s for the uncoordinated. Back before zippers were the standard commodity, it was stated in a zipper company’s memo that:

“Retailers were made to worry that they could be held legally liable if a man injured himself with the newfangled machine on his trouser fly.”

Men getting caught in zippers is often considered a joke, or an urban legend if you will. That is until a paper in urology journal BJU released it’s data that 17, 616 people were admitted to an emergency room with zipper related injuries.

To some of us, it doesn’t make much sense that the injury is so common. With 2,202 injuries per year during the 8 year period it makes you wonder what kind of rush or hurry these guys were in before causing themselves grievous injury.

In nearly all cases the only genital involved in the penis, and about one-fifth of the recorded incidents were adult males. The authors of the paper have concluded that since the issue affects both adults and children, people should become more familiar with “zip-detachment strategies” should they ever become entangled.



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