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Baconocalypse: Overblown


Well, I perpetuated it here, I might as well debunk it: Now it’s looking like we’re going to be okay with bacon. Also, that big guy up there? I’m gonna eat that sucker. Or maybe I already have!

An American Farm Bureau economist has now said that the idea of “widespread shortages” is “really overblown,” Associated Press reports.

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National Cyber Security Awareness Month … What You Need To Know!


Since this month has been declared National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we here at SourceFed want to give you a quick run down of what the status is for cyber security in the US. A recent study done by National Cyber Security Alliance and security firm McAfee, researchers found that over the past year, 1 in 4 consumers in the United States have had their personal information lost or stolen due to security breaches. 25% of consumers? That is insane!

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