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The Nation is Sexy (Oct 1, 2012)


Welcome to the “Nation is Sexy”.  Ladies and Gents from the Nation send in pictures of themselves to [email protected] and I feature them on the show/site once a week to celebrate real people from the Nation.

If you’d like to be featured next week just take a picture of yourself with Hi Nation written on yourself or on a sign and you can be part of this new weekly segment by emailing it to [email protected]Note: We like cute and sexy.  We don’t post nudes, so don’t send them in.  Love yo faces :) Continue reading

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Hack The Planet: White House Thwarts Network Attack

The Cold War never really ended, so much as it changed venues to the digital world.

And case in point, or at least, the most recent case to have occurred, is the White House acknowledging that there was an attack on their network. Before we all get up in arms about it being China again, no one’s yet to say it’s them. They also say it isn’t not them, and meanwhile our Defense Secretary has gone to China to tell them to knock it off with hacking attempts on American systems.

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