How To Train Your Dragon 2 – Reviewed!

Trisha and Reina get giddy over the new Dragon sequel… and why wouldn’t they, IT’S AWESOME!


Eccentric Man Gives Inspiring Advice!

His delivery is odd and he himself is strange, but his words strike hard and stick like no other!


What Does LSD Stand For? Find Out On COMMENT COMMENTARY #125

Things get educational. We find out what LSD means and Will reveals his penis size.


Even More Music to Do the Deed to on NERD Comment Commentary!

Will, Trish, and Reina read the top comments from this week!

Rian Johnson

Director Rian Johnson To Take Over For J.J. Abrams After Star Wars VII!

According to sources, director J.J. Abrams will be passing the ‘Star Wars’ series to ‘Looper’ director Rian Johnson after the release of episode VII!


Single Tasking is the New Multitasking!

There was once a world where multitasking was a skill revered above all else, but it turns out that people aren’t very good at it.

Night Sky

Mindblowing 360 Degree Timelapse Shows Us An Unseen Universe

Photographer Vincent Brady created a 4-camera rig in order to capture a gorgeous timelapse of the night sky as never seen before!


Amazing Parkour Chase Ensues After Thief Steals Phone!

Fake or not, this video of one parkour artist chasing another is awesome with an ending that karma would approve of!


Here’s the DDOS Attack That Took Down Facebook Today [UPDATE]

The attack reportedly originated in China and took down the site for an hour early Thursday morning.

Elders React

Elders React to Google Glass!

Elders react to Google Glass, and it went way better than expected!