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Diner Owner Screams at 2 Year Old and Becomes Internet Famous

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Darla Neugebauer, the owner of Marcy’s Diner in Portland, Maine, has brought a lot of attention to herself and her establishment after yelling at a young chip in her restaurant last week.

The family of the 2-year old child, namely mother Tara Carson, commented on the Marcy’s Diner Facebook page, expressing discontent with their experience.


Darla’s response to the comment, whether you condone her actions or not, was downright legendary.

(Warning: Foul Language)


The following day, Marcy’s Diner made a follow up post that explained the situation in more detail, more composure, but the same amount of rage.


Quote of the Year: “Good thing I thrive on hate!” That’s so metal. That’s easily the most metal thing that the owner of a diner has ever said.

Some are hailing Darla as a badass, a hero, and the voice of justice! Yeah! F*ck that kid!!!


Others, however, think that Darla may be an insane person who screams at kids.


What do you folks think of this whole Marcy’s Diner situation? Is Darla finally saying what we’ve all been trying to say this whole time? Or is she a crazy person? Share your thought below!