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People Be Like Channel & Exclusive William Haynes Interview!


Hey everyone, JD here again! As you’ve probably heard, there have been a lot of exciting changes happening over here at SourceFed. One of those changes has been William Haynes getting his own channel, the People Be Like Channel.

Starting next week, the People Be Like show will be uploaded to it’s own channel. But PBL won’t be the only thing over there. I sat down with Will this morning (because, you know, same office and all that) and we chatted about the PBL channel, his inspirations, and more. Check out the interview below, and don’t forget to subscribe to the new channel!

Question: How did you originally get your start on YouTube?

Will: I got my start out on YouTube because my Dad bought a laptop with a camera on it, none of the kids at school wanted to hang out with me, and I really, really wanted to be Jon Stewart.

Q: Where did the idea for a People Be Like channel come from? What are you most excited about with the new channel?

W: My want to be a part of culture. Comedians like Jon Stewart, Chris Rock, and Dave Chapelle are always so topical when it comes to current events, politics and just life in general. I’ve always wanted to commentate on these things in real time. I also really don’t want to work at McDonald’s. I’d be really bad at it.

Q: What sort of content can we expect from the channel besides PBL specifically?

W: Politics Be Like, where I mourn the fact that I wasn’t asked to host The Daily Show. Deep Dive, where I interview strangers on the street on often non-sense topics. Hopefully in the next few months I’ll come up with something else people might want to put their eye on. If not, I’m serving Quarter Pounders at the drive-thru.

Q: Who are some of your biggest creative influences, YouTube or otherwise?

W: My biggest influences are Chris Rock, Conan O’Brien, Ze Frank, Louis C.K., Jon Stewart, Hannibal Buress, and whoever it was that invented froyo. That guy had a vision.


“What am I going to do today that’s different than yesterday? How can I show cynics and idiots what they sound like?”

Q: What’s your ultimate goal, career wise? What do you hope to accomplish with the PBL channel?

W: My ultimate goal career wise, and I know it’ll take me a few centuries, is to be apart of the shift in culture and to hold up a mirror to society. I hope that doesn’t sound too artsy or pretentious, but that’s what I think about when I wake up every morning. “What am I going to do today that’s different than yesterday? How can I show cynics and idiots what they sound like?” I think of those things after I get my chai tea. I heard Starbucks has an espresso chai tea I haven’t had that yet.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your personal channel!

W: On my personal channel I say whatever I feel like saying that week. I don’t censor myself so much or worry about mass appeal. That’s where I go to vent about my personal life instead of what everyone else is doing.

Q: What, if anything, bugs you the most about today’s culture/society?

W: I’m one the few people I know who loves today’s culture and society. I understand it’s flawed and downright confusing sometimes. Remember Rachel Dolezal? But I love it all! I think we’re moving in the right direction. I think more than ever before we’re setting up the next generation to be better than us. Either that or they’ll be really good at typing fast.

Q: Where are you from originally and do you like Los Angeles?

W: I’m originally from Richmond, California, a city a few miles away from San Francisco. People get shot there a lot. I like Los Angeles, except for when it’s, you know, 210 degrees outside. So pretty much always.

Q: On a typical Friday night, what is Mr. Haynes doing?

W: I’m either writing stand up material or practicing it at an open mic. As I walk into these dirty, sad comedy clubs on Friday nights, I see people on dates and having a good time and wonder if I’ve made a huge mistake… But I’ll worry about that later.


“Every video I make I try to make something that I would want to watch myself.”

Q: Any advice to those out there trying to start their own YouTube channel?

W: My advice to anyone trying to start anything creative is make things that you would enjoy. Every video I make I try to make something that I would want to watch myself. Also experiment writing in different voices that you find interesting. Consistency is key and always try to outdo what you did last time. That’s probably the hardest part.

Q: Pool full of cooked spaghetti or Jell-O, and why?

W: Pool full of Jell-O because I’ve never turned down Jell-O before. What am I? An animal?!

Q: If you could sit down and binge watching any TV show, what would you choose?

W: If I could sit down and binge watch any show it’d probably be How I Met Your Mother. It’s one of my favorite things. I started watching it when I was 15 and I grew up with them, they’re my friends, don’t tell me they’re not! I will—wait for it– fight you! That’s a reference to the show if you don’t watch it… If you’ve never seen it, go subscribe to my channel, then go watch it on Netflix because it’s been on there for years. You’re wasting time!!!

Q: Who’s your favorite musician/singer and why is it Drake?

W: Yes, I love Drake. He’s a multilayered artist! Nobody is as cool as Drake! Look at his eyebrows!


Q: What’s your infamous go-to dance move at wedding receptions?

W: I don’t plan my dance moves I feel them. If you’ve ever seen the Michael Jackson movie, This Is It there’s a scene in there where he’s practicing dance moves and he stops the music and says, “I didn’t feel it.” That’s me. I have to feel it.