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Gunman Kills Cameraman And Reporter On Live TV, Flees Before Committing Suicide


A terrible tragedy out of Virginia this morning, as a gunman has taken the lives of a reporter and a cameraman during a live broadcast in Roanoke. The shooter, whose name we will not reveal here, fatally shot and killed reported Allison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward at around 6:45 am ET.

According to Newsweek, the shooter was a former employee of the news station and had worked at various stations in the area. Following the incident, authorities stopped him around 12 Noon ET during a traffic stop. The shooter did not comply with orders and drove off from the officer. The shooter then opted to shoot himself and crashed his vehicle, remaining alive but in serious condition.

Authorities picked up the shooter and took him to the nearby hospital. However, the shooter died of the self-inflicted wound at a Fairfax, VA hospital.

Those killed in this terrible tragedy were known to be hardworking, loved people. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and WDBJ7’s 6 PM News Anchor Chris Hurst responded to the tragedy with some heartbreaking tweets:

From all of us here at SourceFed, we want to extend our deepest condolences to those affected to this terrible tragedy. If you want to help make a difference, don’t promote anything about the shooter. This was a senseless act by a senseless man, and the possible promotion of his image will only promote him and not the tragic victims of this crime.

We will continue to update when more information comes through.