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Pain And Gain Trailer

Pain and gain

The trailer for  Michael Bay’s new movie with Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson has dropped and… well, hrm. Let’s take a look and see what we’re dealing with, here.

So here it is, reported to have been filmed with a tenth of the budget of his latest Transformers film, which it would almost have to be:

I… I don’t know.

What’s odd here is that Johnson and Wahlberg have definitely proven that they can deliver a line. I mean let’s take a look at The Departed for Wahlberg:

And hey, Dwayne Johnson can do some acting as well:

So the super-stilted line deliveries from Pain And Gain confuse me. Is this a deliberate choice by the actors? Michael Bay? Or are they phoning it in so hard that it’s poring off the screen? I just don’t know, guys.

I just don’t know.

Question: What do you think, guys? Are they phoning it in or deliberately playing it like meatheads trying to be Clooney?