Pastor Gets Stuck in Gag and Handcuffs?!


Father Tom Donovan

Things took a turn for the weird when Pastor Tom Donovan had to call the police to release him from the gag and handcuffs he had become trapped in.

The pastor has since taken a leave of absence from the church, after making an excruciatingly polite 911 call that you can listen to here:

Donovan claims that he was playing with the handcuffs when ended up trapped in them. It’s unclear at the moment how the pastor ended up in the handcuffs or why it was that he feared a medical emergency would stem from the issue.

Sources have stated that the police found the pastor wearing some sort of gag, which would explained his muffled voice on the tape.

The church has remained absolutely silent on the matter. Bishop Thomas Paprocky granted Donovan’s request for a leave of a absence just before Christmas.

The diocese is aware of the incident, as indicated by the fact that the attorney for diocese has already been given a copy of the tape. Kathy Sass, a spokeswoman for the Diocese of Springfield has also been granted a copy of the police report.

Sass would not disclose any information on Donovan’s whereabouts currently, stating:

“I wouldn’t be able to tell you where Father Donovan is. There’s a matter of privacy there.”

After Bishop Paprocki reviewed the police report when speaking with Donovan, and the police account was in accordance with what the priest told the bishop, he was given his LOA.


What’s your theory on what happened to Pastor Donovan?


  1. Has this man been vocal about this sort of thing being terrible? Has he railed against BDSM or homosexuality or anything like that? No. He’s just some random guy so let’s leave him be.

  2. I don’t think its anything sexual. Usually, when priests are perverts , they try to keep it to themselves because they could get expelled from the church. Probably, something really bad did happen to him and he just didn’t want to be descriptive over 911.

  3. I think the issue most of you are missing is that the church looks down on people who indulge in ‘deviant’ bedroom / sex dungeon behaviour; it is highly hypocritical of both you same people & the church to turn a blind eye when members of the church community are caught also indulging in those very same activities. But then, that’s the way it’s always been- highly hypocritical religious folk who don’t see the irony in what they say & do versus what the bible says they should be saying and doing…