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Political Memes Run Amok


Because, hey, why have a full a frank discussion of issues when you can just put a couple of funny words to ridiculous pictures and call it a day? Anyway, we’ve collected some political memes.

So, first up, we’ve got our topical, philosophical differences oversimplified and ridiculed:



Yeah, because our multi-trillion dollar tax policy can super be boiled down into two sentences. Really, this is the issue of political memes.

Here’s our obligatory “binders full of women” meme:



Never mind that the discussion was less about a poorly-chosen phrase and more about the question-dodge of gender equality in the workplace. Which, of course, both candidates dodged the question.



Heh. Slowpoke. Okay. That’s a funny one. I’ll allow it. President Obama’s support of gay marriage was a long time coming, and it took Crazy Ol’ Joe Biden to run his mouth a little too much to force the President’s hand. Which, hey, don’t be a slowpoke.



Yeah, “women full of binders” is gonna be a thing until election day. It’s quite odd how people will latch onto a phrase and then put it into memes until the initial reason for it being a phrase has been long forgotten.

And then there’s this one:


Heh, Ron Paul. He never had a chance. Sorry, guys. There’s always a write-in campaign!

But really, the political memes are all about trying to take a complex issue and boil it down to a picture and a pithy couple of sentences. In the end, though, it never does it justice. Open a newspaper. Hell, open two. Please?

Question: Do political memes ever do anything for you?