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Rob Ford

Jimmy Kimmel Shows Rob Ford No Mercy!

Jimmy Kimmel Shows Rob Ford No Mercy!

Everyone’s favorite crack-smoking, hard-drinking, body-slamming, reggae-dancing, football-playing mayor, Rob Ford, was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night and the host did not let him off easy.


AZ Governor Brewer Makes A Decision On Controversial Anti-Gay Bill

You may have heard of Arizona’s SB 1062, which has stirred up a lot of pots this week.


Seth Rogen Gives An Amazing Speech Before The Senate Committee

Basically, Seth Rogen killed it. Yesterday, Seth Rogen spoke before members of Senate at a hearing on Alzheimer’s Research. This is how he began:


Welcome to America, The Low-Wage Nation

It seems to be a common misunderstanding that the average worker collecting minimum wage is some punk kid with an after school job they don’t give a shit about, but that just simply isn’t the case anymore… and it hasn’t been that way for quite awhile.

Jury Null

This Video May Keep You Off a Jury for Life!

CGPGrey discusses the existence of ‘jury nullification’ which, having the knowledge of, could keep you off a jury for the rest of your life!

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Canadian Ad Retaliates Against Russian Anti-Gay Law

This ad made by The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion is just begging for controversial Internet flame wars. The ad was made in response to a Russian law preventing the promotion of homosexuality to minors that passed last June. To some, it means banning any display of homosexuality whatsoever, and the LGBT community doesn’t

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U.S. Congressman Attacks Reporter On Camera!

NY1 reporter Mike Scotto called out a New York Representative Michael Grimm in an interview on the finance issues with his recent campaign, and in return was threatened by the Congressman. After Grimm said on camera he would “break (Scotto) in half”, the NY1 reporter claimed Grimm also threatened to throw him over the balcony.

State of the Union Address

State of the Union: What was Said!

President Obama made his State of the Union Address last night, here’s what you might have missed! Obama covered several topics in his address ranging from Global Warming to the Minimum Wage issue. His key points were: Climate change is real, and we’re going to work towards better energy solutions. Immigration reform was touched upon,

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Watch the State of the Union Here!

Prepare yourself for lots of standing, clapping, and face making!

Chris Christie

Chris Christie Denies Involvement in Bridge Gaff

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has denied being involved in the access lane closing scandal on the George Washington Bridge which resulted in miles of traffic and at least one death. Christie cut ties with his top staffers after discovering they were responsible for a mean-spirited political payback scheme that shut down two of the


State Department Spends Over Half Million on Facebook Likes?!

According to an Inspector General’s report, the U.S. State Department spent $630,000 to increase the number of likes on four of its pages on Facebook. The spending went towards advertising initiatives between 2011, and March 2013, which increased the number of fans from 100,000 to over 2 million. However, according to the Inspector General, State


UN Says Online Privacy Is A Basic Human Right!

The Human Rights Committee of the United Nations has passed a right to privacy resolution that protects the right to privacy against illegal surveillance both off and online! The UN resolution was created by two countries, Germany and Brazil, with contributions from other nations around the world, as a result of the fallout from NSA

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Fake Interpreter Claims Mental Illness Caused Memorial Incident

The fake interpreter for Nelson Mandela’s funeral is claiming that he suffered from a schizophrenic episode while onstage, causing his erratic behavior. Thamsanqa Jantjie stated that his mental illness caused him to hallucinate onstage. He is unaware if it was the magnitude of the event or the surge of adrenaline he had when he was