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Wikileaks Releases The TPP Documents!

Wikileaks Releases The TPP Documents!

The most controversial secret treaty to come out this year just became public with Wikileaks posting the full copy of documents for everyone to review. The Trans-Pacific Partnership proposals from this August, which were supposed to remain behind closed doors, are available on the secret-leaking site and have revealed a series of provisions that have

Alabama Wants to Castrate Sex Offenders

Alabama Representative Steve Hurst is looking to make child molesters literally pay for their crimes by proposing a bill that will castrate convicted sex offenders over the age of twenty-one whose victims were twelve or under, as well as be financed by them. Nine states: California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa Louisiana, Montana, Oregon, Texas and Wisconsin

Anthony Weiner Blames The Internet For His Loss

Gentlemen’s Quarterly reporter, Marshall Sella, just finished his time trailing Anthony Weiner’s mayoral campaign and returned with some interesting commentary from the nude-selfie loving candidate. Some of Weiner’s thoughts during the process of his campaign included: “I will say this. I have no desire to walk into a bar and pick up a woman. I

Obama Invited Republicans For Meeting, Nearly All Decline

President Obama has invited members of the House and Senate from both parties to meet at the White House this week to encourage congress to end the government shutdown. However, only a small group of Republicans will be attending versus the full House Democratic caucus. Boehner’s office said the GOP leader would not send the

Shutdown To Stop Wounded Veteran’s Checks?!

Over 5 million veterans, many who were severely injured in combat will not be issued their compensation checks on Nov.1st as the government shutdown continues. Veteran’s Affairs Secretary Erik Shinseki told a congressional oversight committee about the dire situation, offering no indication whether or not the missed payments would be reimbursed after the shutdown ends.

The GOP Has The Lowest Rating Of Any Party Ever

The Republican party is pretty unpopular right now, but according to the latest Gallup poll, the GOP has the lowest rating it’s ever had in polling history. Gallup’s polling history is fairly short, going only back to 1992. However, this means that even in the past 21 years, the Republican Party has never been viewed

Malala Yousafzai Inspires on the Daily Show

Malala Yousafzai, the 16-year-old Pakistani blogger and author of I Am Malala, appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on the eve of the one year anniversary of when she was shot by members of the Taliban on her way home from school. Listening to her speak paints a terrifying picture on the situation

MIley Cyrus “We Did Stop” SNL Parody

If you didn’t catch this weekend’s SNL, Miley Cyrus was on host and musical guest duty. One of my favorite bits from the night had to be Miley spoofing her own song to address the current government shutdown. A few things: Woah. Taran Killam is kinda ripped. #Squats Sexy Michele Bachmann is okay by me.

US Government Is One Day From Shutting Down?!

The US government is one day away from being shut down if Congress cannot agree on a federal spending bill by October 1st. The previous two shutdowns in 1995/1996 forced nearly 800,000 government employees to stay home until agreements could be reached. Here’s what’s going to happen if Congress can’t make any headway: The White


Common Core Standards Called Into Question

Common Core Standards are being implemented in 45 states across the country, but at what cost? The Common Core Standard Initiative is an attempt to standardize all K-12 curricula across the country. During a Maryland Department of Education meeting Robert Small stood up out of order to explain, although he did so in a poor

Contestants chat backstage during the "mini-miss" beauty contest in Bobigny, Paris suburb

French Lawmakers Ban Child Beauty Pageants!

The French have done what we’ve wanted to do since Honey-Boo-Boo became a thing, and have banned child beauty pageants. French lawmakers created the ban as part of a new “equality bill” that also included legislation which tackled unequal pay, domestic violence, and encourages fathers to take parental leave. The bill, created by France’s Minister


The Best Mayoral Candidate Commercial Ever!

Jeff Wagner, mayoral candidate for Minneapolis created the best campaign ad ever! Wagner wants to help the economy of Minneapolis grow, and doesn’t believe in any additional frivolous expenditures, which might explain this crazy awesome campaign ad. Nation Would you vote for this mayoral candidate? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments

Servers lives suck

Why It Sucks To Be A Server

Aside from the obvious, like dealing with some pretty unruly customers, servers still have one of the worst jobs in the U.S. and it isn’t going to get any better. Not only do most servers make way less than minimum wage at most establishments, now the U.S. government wants a piece of their tip action