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Contestants chat backstage during the "mini-miss" beauty contest in Bobigny, Paris suburb

French Lawmakers Ban Child Beauty Pageants!

French Lawmakers Ban Child Beauty Pageants!

The French have done what we’ve wanted to do since Honey-Boo-Boo became a thing, and have banned child beauty pageants. French lawmakers created the ban as part of a new “equality bill” that also included legislation which tackled unequal pay, domestic violence, and encourages fathers to take parental leave. The bill, created by France’s Minister


The Best Mayoral Candidate Commercial Ever!

Jeff Wagner, mayoral candidate for Minneapolis created the best campaign ad ever! Wagner wants to help the economy of Minneapolis grow, and doesn’t believe in any additional frivolous expenditures, which might explain this crazy awesome campaign ad. Nation Would you vote for this mayoral candidate? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments

Servers lives suck

Why It Sucks To Be A Server

Aside from the obvious, like dealing with some pretty unruly customers, servers still have one of the worst jobs in the U.S. and it isn’t going to get any better. Not only do most servers make way less than minimum wage at most establishments, now the U.S. government wants a piece of their tip action


NSA Illegally Searched Over 15,000 Cell Phones

A lawsuit by the Electronic Frontier Foundation forced the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to declassify new documents revealing that the NSA improperly tracked more than 15,000 cell phones. Among the dozens of FISA court rulings and internal documents were the details of a “compliance breach” in 2009, in which it was discovered

NYC Mayors Race Weiner

Anthony Weiner Had The Worst Election Night Ever

From the scandals involving his penis to being chased through New York, Anthony Weiner just cannot catch a break. Last night, mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner lost the race and from there went on to have the worst night of his life which culminated in him running through a McDonald’s being chased by a porn “star”.

Mideast Syria

Why We Might Bomb Syria This Month

The situation in Syria is confusing and terrifying. Americans are afraid of jumping into yet another war that has no end in sight, so here is a rundown as to why we might bomb Syria this month, and what that might mean for our future. In March of 2011, Syrian citizens took to the streets

Anthony Weiner Heckler

Anthony Weiner Tells Off Heckler!

After grabbing a bite at a local New York bakery, mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner lost his cool with a fellow patron who heckled him. The patron first called Weiner disgusting, which the candidate blew off until Weiner’s wife was brought into the conversation. Weiner is of Jewish heritage, and the patron made a remark about


Syrian Rebel Brutality May Stop U.S. Aid

A video recently leaked by a former Syrian rebel shows seven prisoners being brutally executed and their bodies unceremoniously dumped in a well after the U.S. decided to strike against Bashar Al-Assad. The Senate approved the resolution to strike against Assad yesterday, and on the heels of approval comes a video showing the execution of


Will The U.S. Intervene In Syria?

Today, the U.S. Senate met to debate a potential military intervention in the Syrian civil war. The hearing comes after a devastating chemical attack killed over 1300 civilians in a Syrian residential neighborhood. The long standing debate on who is responsible for the attack remains ongoing. However, Senator John Kerry has stated that the Assad


KKK Member Joins the NAACP?!

For the first time in history, the leader of the NAACP and an organizer of the KKK have met in person. In Gilette, Montana, black citizens were beginning to be attacked around the same time as KKK pamphlets were showing up, so Jimmy Simmons, the leader of the NAACP, decided to write to the KKK.


What The Frak Is Fracking?

Fracking is a serious and highly controversial environmental issue that can affect the water supplies of thousands of households, but what is it? The process in which natural gas is siphoned out of the earth is known as Fracking. Environmentalists have been lobbying against it for years, calling it wasteful, dangerous, and which is shown


The Black Budget: Snowden Part Deux

Former security contract Edward Snowden has stated over the past few months that he plans to release more classified information to the public, and it has happened! Snowden released information about ‘the black budget’ to the Washington Post, outlining the intelligence-gathering costs from all government agencies from 2013. $56.2 … that isn’t so bad. Whoops, I


Obama Has Not Made a Decision on Syria

President Obama appeared on PBS NewsHour and stated that he has not made a decision about Syria and explains why an attack on Syria would be beneficial. He stated that an attack on Syria would not be like Iraq, which most people are worried about, and it would be limited attacks to discourage chemical attacks.