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Bradley Manning Apologizes For Hurting U.S.

Bradley Manning Apologizes For Hurting U.S.

On the last day of his sentencing hearing, Bradley Manning apologized for leaking classified material to Wikileaks. Manning apologized profusely for hurting the United States and her people saying: First your Honor. I want to start off with an apology. I am sorry. I am sorry that my actions hurt people. I am sorry that


Egyptians Dead After Army Fires On Protesters

More than 200 are dead after the Egyptian army clears out two pro-Morsi protest camps, and a month long state of emergency has been declared in the war-ravaged country. Egyptian security forces launched an early morning raid to clear out the two main pro-Morsi sit ins. Shots were fired, and over 200 people were killed

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Pirate Bay Lauches Its Own Browser

Pirate Bay launched an anti-censorship browser that allows users to bypass ISP filtering and gives them access to blocked websites. Pirate Bay’s ‘PirateBrowser’ has already been downloaded over 100,000 times from the direct link and thousands of times from shared downloads. “I didn’t think it would catch on so fast,” The Pirate Bay’s Winston explains,

Clapper Testifies At Senate Hearing On Worldwide Threats To US Security

Obama’s NSA Review Group Doomed?!

The group of experts appointed by the Obama administration may be a complete biased failure. After the release of leaked documents from ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden, President Obama attempted to manage the political fallout by appointing a “high-level group of outside experts” to review intelligence and communications technologies. Except the head of the panel is


Charlotte’s Web and Drug Reform!

Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that ‘many low-level, non-violent drug offenders’ will no longer face ‘mandatory minimums.’ What does this mean exactly? It means that individuals who are caught using an illegal drug and have no prior incidents of violence or criminal activity, will only serve community service or drug counseling. Holder stated: “Too many

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Judge Rules: Stop-And-Frisk Law Violated Rights

A federal judge has ruled that the stop-and-frisk tactics used by the NYC police department violated the constitutional rights of minorities and called for a monitor to oversee reforms. A heated delivery accompanied the decision handed down by Judge Shira A. Scheindlin, who found that the police department had “adopted a policy of indirect racial

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Republicans Like Paula Deen More Than MLK?!

In a recent poll, it was discovered that Georgia Republicans prefer Paula Deen rather than Martin Luther King Jr. The polls read that Georgian Republicans preferred Deen 73% to 11% whereas with Martin Luther King Jr. the polls stated 59% to 28%. Putting aside Paula Deen aside, who in the world has a distaste for

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New Snowden Revelations About US Spying Programs

The American journalist responsible for publishing the documents leaked by Edward Snowden claims more revelations are coming, and Obama cancels a meeting with Vladimir Putin. Glenn Greenwald stated in the Brazilian Congressional hearing investigating the U.S. internet surveillance on Brazilian citizens that they’ve only scratched the surface regarding the vast surveillance networks. Additionally, Greenwald plans to


Obama Has ‘No Patience’ With Russia’s Anti-Gay Legislation

President Obama appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and stated that he has ‘no patience’ with Russia’s anti-gay law and is disappointed with Russia’s decision to not turn Snowden over to the US. More specifically, President Obama stated that he will have: “no patience for countries that try to treat gays and lesbians


The FBI Allowed Informants To Commit Over 5,000 Crimes?!

Informants are often utilized to gain information and create a larger case against bigger fish, but is it worth letting them commit 5,658 crimes in a single year? The FBI gave its informants permission to break the law over 5,000 times in just a single year, according to newly disclosed documents. The staggering number reveals


The DEA Is Covering Up Use Of NSA Programs!

According to Reuters, despite assuring that programs such as PRISM would be used only for terrorism it appears the Drug Enforcement Administration has been using the information to launch criminal investigations. The DEA’s secretive Special Operations Division has been using the data to prosecute US citizens for drug crimes, and even more upsetting is that

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden Gains Asylum In Russia!

A representative of the Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport has disclosed that Edward Snowden has left the airport he’s been living in for the past month. Snowden’s lawyer confirmed the whistleblower’s departure with the Associated Press, adding that his whereabouts will remain top secret. Snowden left the airport at around 7:30 am EST, roughly one hour before


New Yorkers Get ALL THE SODA!

The court of appeals upheld striking down the New York soda ban! Mayor Bloomberg banned all soda above 16 ounces in New York, but a court ruled the law an overstep of power. Bloomberg’s ban was approved by the Board of Health, but only the State Legislature or the City Council can approve and enact