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Obama Administration to Begin Arming Syrian Rebels

Obama Administration to Begin Arming Syrian Rebels

The Obama administration announced earlier this year that they would begin sending military aid to the Syrian rebels, and they now have stated that they will be moving forward with that plan. US government officials feel that they are in the best position to start sending arms to the Syrian rebels, and they have assured


Russia’s Anti-Gay Protesters Are Violent

After the banning of ‘homosexual propaganda’ in Russia, protesters have come out in droves demanding equality, but counter protesters have come out swinging. The number of incidences of violence against homosexuals has steadily risen in Russia as anti-gay protesters viciously attack pro-gay activists. Several of the incidents were caught on camera and have been compiled

David Cameron Soft Core Porn

UK’s Family Filters Won’t Block Soft Core Porn!

Prime Minister David Cameron is facing hard questions on how his plan for auto “porn filters” in every UK home would work, after saying soft core porn would still be accessible. The PM announced in a major speech the plan to protect children from “poisonous” pornography websites he claimed were “corroding childhood”. He stated internet

Student Loans

Senators Make Deal On Student Loans

Senators have agreed to lower the student loan rates this fall, however rates in future years could be astronomically high depending on the economy. One day after lawmakers met with President Obama in the White House, bipartisan Senators reached an agreement regarding student loans. The Senate deal would offer lower interest rates through the 2015


Update: Zimmerman Protests Grow Violent

The protests regarding the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial have taken a turn for the violent in the city of Los Angeles. The peaceful protest in Leimert Park became violent last night. 14 people have been arrested as a result, most of them for failing to disperse, in connection with the violence. The prayer


Thousands Protest Zimmerman Verdict

Over the weekend George Zimmerman was found not guilty of the murder of Trayvon Martin. Thousands took the streets to protest the verdict. From New York to Los Angeles, thousands of protesters marched in solidarity protesting George Zimmerman’s acquittal, and demanding justice. The protests were, for the most part, peaceful. Police were respectful, and mostly


Together, We Can End Women’s Suffrage!

Suffrage: the right to vote. Suffering: an experience of pain/unpleasantness. These two things are very different, but individuals confuse them all the time! YouTube channel whatever wanted to see how many women’s studies majors at UCSB knew the difference between suffrage and suffering. Is this prank a new thing? Not really, but it’s hilarious!

National Security Agency Snowden

Update: The NSA, Snowden, And Political Asylum

The Obama administration can’t avoid a lawsuit over PRISM pulling the state secrets card, and Edward Snowden has been offered political asylum in two more South American countries. The Obama administration is unable to terminate a lawsuit using the argument that would risk exposing national secrets. A federal judge ruled on Monday regarding Jewel vs.

Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood Calls Followers To Rise Up

Recent clashes between the Egyptian army and Muslim Brotherhood Islamists protesting the military’s ousting of the President Morsi have resulted in bloodshed, leaving 51 protesters and 3 security forces members dead. The divide between Egyptians has deepened with calls from the Muslim Brotherhood’s political party for an all-out rebellion against the army. Carnage broke out

Gitmo Mos Def Force Feed

Mos Def Participates In Gitmo Demonstration

As an act of solidarity with those being force fed at Guantanamo Bay, Yasiin Bey, better known as Mos Def, undergoes the painful procedure. The force feeding procedure in the video below is administered exactly as it would be in the Guantanamo Bay Facility. Actor and rapper Mos Def chose to participate in the procedure,


Morsi Overthrown by Egyptian Military

After the Egyptian military presented their ultimatum to the President and he refused to comply, Morsi was officially removed from office and placed under house arrest. A senior judge has become the interim president while the military, Morsi, and the country reels from the past few weeks. What does this mean for the future of


Bolivian President’s Plane Grounded in Austria

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales’ plane was ground in Vienna, Austria for 12 hours due to fears and speculation that Edward Snowden was on board. President Morales is calling this move an ‘act of aggression’  and a ‘violation of international law.’ The plane was also restricted from entering French, Portuguese and Spanish airspace. Austrian Deputy Chancellor Michael


Bug Found In London Ecuadorian Embassy!

The Ecuadorian Foreign Minister has claimed that a hidden listening device was found in his country’s embassy during his visit in London last month. During a press conference yesterday in Ecuador’s capital Quito, Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino Aroca said a bug was found during the regular security check by the Ecuadorian intelligence for the embassy