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National Security Agency Snowden

Update: The NSA, Snowden, And Political Asylum

Update: The NSA, Snowden, And Political Asylum

The Obama administration can’t avoid a lawsuit over PRISM pulling the state secrets card, and Edward Snowden has been offered political asylum in two more South American countries. The Obama administration is unable to terminate a lawsuit using the argument that would risk exposing national secrets. A federal judge ruled on Monday regarding Jewel vs.

Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood Calls Followers To Rise Up

Recent clashes between the Egyptian army and Muslim Brotherhood Islamists protesting the military’s ousting of the President Morsi have resulted in bloodshed, leaving 51 protesters and 3 security forces members dead. The divide between Egyptians has deepened with calls from the Muslim Brotherhood’s political party for an all-out rebellion against the army. Carnage broke out

Gitmo Mos Def Force Feed

Mos Def Participates In Gitmo Demonstration

As an act of solidarity with those being force fed at Guantanamo Bay, Yasiin Bey, better known as Mos Def, undergoes the painful procedure. The force feeding procedure in the video below is administered exactly as it would be in the Guantanamo Bay Facility. Actor and rapper Mos Def chose to participate in the procedure,


Morsi Overthrown by Egyptian Military

After the Egyptian military presented their ultimatum to the President and he refused to comply, Morsi was officially removed from office and placed under house arrest. A senior judge has become the interim president while the military, Morsi, and the country reels from the past few weeks. What does this mean for the future of


Bolivian President’s Plane Grounded in Austria

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales’ plane was ground in Vienna, Austria for 12 hours due to fears and speculation that Edward Snowden was on board. President Morales is calling this move an ‘act of aggression’  and a ‘violation of international law.’ The plane was also restricted from entering French, Portuguese and Spanish airspace. Austrian Deputy Chancellor Michael


Bug Found In London Ecuadorian Embassy!

The Ecuadorian Foreign Minister has claimed that a hidden listening device was found in his country’s embassy during his visit in London last month. During a press conference yesterday in Ecuador’s capital Quito, Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino Aroca said a bug was found during the regular security check by the Ecuadorian intelligence for the embassy

gender language

Washington Says Goodbye To Gender Bias

In a move that some call silly, Washington state is removing 40,000 pieces of legislation that contain gender-biased words such as fisherman, freshman, and journeyman plumber. New laws will come into effect this week finally implementing the state’s six year effort to rewrite all state laws using gender-neutral vocabulary. Terms such as fisherman, freshman, and


Second Teen Arrested for Sarcastic Video Game Comment

After news of the teen being arrested in Ohio for comments he made during an online game, a story has surfaced of a gamer who was arrested in October for comments he made on ‘Runescape’. Josh Pillault was an avid gamer, and during an online game of Runescape, he and another gamer began exchanging insults.


The NSA Introduces NSAFLIX!!

The NSA decided to give back to the nation today by releasing NSAFLIX! Spy on the girl next door from her webcam, find out where grandma is hiding your inheritance ,and all the info you could ever want with NSAFLIX. At NSAFLIX, no need to sign up because they have all your information already! NSAFLIX


Egypt Update: Muhamed Morsi Refuses Ultimatum!

Yesterday, the Chief General of the Egyptian army told President Muhamed Morsi to give in to the people’s demands or the military would have to intervene. Morsi refused. The protests in Egypt’s Tahrir Square swelled with thousands demanding the current president, Muhamed Morsi, resign from his office. Just yesterday, General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi gave President Morsi


CNN Broadcasts George Zimmerman’s SSN!

CNN has made a number mistakes over the past few years, but broadcasting George Zimmerman’s Social Security Number on live TV is up there on the list of biggest ‘oops’ moments. CNN quickly cut away from the still image, but DVR is a thing so the image went viral. CNN also decided to weigh in

Egyptian Protests (16)

Egyptians Demand Morsi To Step Down Or Else!

Millions of Egyptians gathered to protest President Mohamed Morsi and the ruling Muslim Brotherhood, ransacking the Islamic party’s headquarters and setting it on fire. Six people were killed in the Egyptian protest against the Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi. At the same time, Morsi received the resignations of four of his cabinet ministers, all doing