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Wendy Davis

Senator Wendy Davis’ Filibuster Succeeded!

Senator Wendy Davis’ Filibuster Succeeded!

After an intense and controversial session in the Texas senate, Senator Wendy Davis successfully filibustered the SB5 anti-abortion bill. The filibuster was ended abruptly by Republican senators in its 11th hour, utilizing the rules on germaneness (or relevancy to the law being debated) to call a third strike on Senator Wendy Davis just after 10 pm. In

Wendy Davis

Senator Wendy Davis’ 13 Hour Filibuster!

Texas Senator Wendy Davis has begun her intended filibuster in order to stop severe abortion restrictions from hitting the governor’s desk. Standing before a packed house of supporters, Davis slammed the pending legislation, which must be voted on by midnight to order to pass. She stated: “I’m rising on the floor today to humbly give voice

Edward Snowden

UPDATE: Snowden’s Travels And Disappearances

In the days following the formal charge of espionage leveled against him, Edward Snowden has travelled and disappeared more times than Houdini. Hong Kong fell silent when the extradition order came for whistleblower Edward Snowden. Snowden had been formally charged with espionage by the U.S. government. By then, he had checked out of his Hong


The NSA Wire-Tapped Obama in 2004?

Russ Tice, a man who blew the whistle on the alleged domestic spying across multiple government agencies in 2005, stated that there was an order to wire-tap President Obama. Russ appeared on, ‘The Boiling Frog Show,’ where he stated that when he was an analyst, he received an order to wire-tap on a certain ‘wannabe senator


FBI is Spying on US Citizens With Drones

The FBI has confirmed that they have been using unmanned drones to spy on American citizens. FBI Director Robert Mueller confirmed this when questioned by the Senate Judiciary Committee. He also revealed that they have been using drones to monitor the US borders, which isn’t that surprising. But don’t worry America, Mueller stated: Our footprint is

Sean Joyce New York Stock Exchange Bomb Plot NYSE FBI

FBI Busts Bomb Plot Using NSA Info!

FBI Deputy Director Sean Joyce testified this morning that the FBI foiled a bomb plot against the New York Stock Exchange with help from the NSA’s surveillance network. The foiled bomb plot only came to light after whistleblower Edward Snowden released documents regarding their surveillance system PRISM. Deputy Director Joyce said the programs also linked


Protests Spread Across Brazil [UPDATE]

The recent protests in Brazil have exploded as 100,000 citizens take to the streets to make sure their voices are heard. It’s been reported as many as 100,000 Brazilian citizens took to the streets on Monday to continue protesting the violence and corruption in their government and nation. Demonstrations have spread throughout the South American


Standing Man: The Symbol of Turkish Protesters

Erdem Gunduz, a Turkish choreographer, started a new form of civil disobedience in Istanbul’s Taksim Square by simply standing quietly for hours on end. Twitter has now renamed Gunduz ‘The Standing Man,’ and word quickly spread of his peaceful protest on social media sites. The choreographer’s plan was to stay standing still there for a month, breaking every 24 hours

Brazil Protest

What’s Happening In Brazil

Brazil has erupted in protests and riots over a recent price raise in bus fares. The rise in bus fares was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back in Brazil. The country with the most violent slums in the world erupted in violence over the 20 cent rise in public transportation fares. The fact


America’s #1 Threat: Toddlers with Guns!

According to shocking statistics from Opposing Views.com, toddlers were responsible for more American deaths than terrorists over this past year. According to CNN, 13,186 people died in terrorist attacks worldwide, while 31,672 people were killed with firearms in America alone in 2010. It’s quite shocking the number of reported toddler-related shootings over the past few

Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney Is A Hypocrite?!

After being convicted of war crimes and helping to mislead the U.S. into invading Iraq, Dick Cheney has the stones to call Edward Snowden a traitor. The Bush administration, including Cheney were convicted in absentia at a war crimes tribunal in Kuala Lumpur last year. During a recent interview with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace,


Americans Don’t Trust Congress Or The Media!

In recent polls, it has been shown that Americans do not have confidence in Congress or in the media. The annual Gallup survey revealed that confidence in Congress is at the lowest it has ever been for any institution on record. The legislative body was last on a list of 16 institutions for the fourth