Possible Daft Punk Track Leak!?

Daft Punk

Posted to YouTube yesterday, this track may be a possible leak off the newest Daft Punk album that was teased during an episode of Saturday Night Live.

At this point in time it’s completely unknown but possible that the track was created by the two musicians. What we do know is this: The track heavily features a snippet that was teased during an episode of Saturday Night Live.

The episode was hosted by Kevin Hart and featured musical guest rapper Macklemore. The 15 second advertisement said nothing but dominated headlines for the rest of the weekend that followed.

The pair recently finished signing a new deal with Columbia Records, and have been working with Chic’s Nile Rodgers and Oscar Winner Paul Williams on their forth coming album. The album has no set release date or even a title at the moment, which makes this possible leak even more tantalizing.

To me, it could be just a fan who’s got a great ear for music who remixed the 15 second snip into something that sounds like Daft Punk.


Do you think this is in fact a leak of the newest Daft Punk song or is it just a fan who’s really good at sounding like them? Let us know in the comments below!