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Possible “Roger Rabbit” Sequel?!


Possible “Roger Rabbit” Sequel?!

According to MTV, a possible sequel to my all-time favorite film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, has been written. The original’s director, Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future), is incredibly happy with the script. Now, they are playing a waiting game with Disney.

Zemeckis told MTV:

I’m happy with the script. It’s very good. It’s written by the original writers, and it’s good. [But Disney] is still thinking about it. If I were to do the sequel, it would be done just like the first one. It would look the same way, but we would present it in 3-D in its release. I would do all of the animation hand-drawn; 2-D, but using 3-D tools. It wouldn’t be like Pixar 3-D. It wouldn’t look like that.

He goes on to clarify that this sequel would be a period piece, staying away from anything Pixar-related. For me, this is my Star Wars. I’m not an avid Wars fan, but I am an avid Who Framed Roger Rabbit? fan. If you’ve never seen the film, do yourself a favorite and rent it right now. Or just buy it, because it will be worth it.

Keep in mind that this news comes shortly after Disney has confirmed both a Star Wars Episode VII and a sequel series to Boy Meets World. I’m beginning to think that Disney has hooked up sensors to my brain and is just making decisions purely off of what I want. On my list of television shows, Boy Meets World ranks as number 1. On my list of movies, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? takes top honor. It’s hilarious, groundbreaking, and it tugs at my heartstrings. It’s also set in old Hollywood, a time and place that I missed out on by a solid seventy years.

However, all of these sequels brings up an obvious question. Never mind whether they will greenlight these projects, the question is if they should. I recently did an article on here about why a Boy Meets World sequel series is a terrible idea, because I don’t believe they will be able to achieve the greatness they did with the original. Then, Danielle Fischel wrote a post on Tumblr that assured me everything was going to be just dandy. Different, yes, but dandy. My fears were assuaged. I’m a pushover when it comes to things I love.

The whole idea of pushing back against sequels is foreign to me, and I honestly have never objected to a sequel of any kind until news of Girl Meets World broke. People love their entertainment, but they’re not infallible. Boy Meets World was super corny sometimes. Roger Rabbit has some pacing issues. But the idea that sequels can retroactively tarnish their beloved predecessors just isn’t true. That’s the beautiful thing about movies and television. Once released, they are what they are, for better or worse. The stuff that comes after might be horrible, but who knows, maybe it won’t be. Maybe it’ll continue to tell stories we love.

So go ahead, Disney. Do it. Greenlight it. Make me the happiest, sequel-obsessed dude this side of Toon Town.

Question: What movie would you like to see a sequel for? Tell me. Please. I wanna know.