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Our Project For Awesome Charity!


We and a number of other YouTube groups and personalities are getting together for Project For Awesome, which is a unified front to use our outreach to raise money and awareness for the charities of your choice.

In case you didn’t know, the men of SourceFed are in Project For Awesome’s “Men of YouTube” calendar, which you can get over at their IndieGoGo. What is Project For Awesome? Well, let’s let our buddy Hank Green tell you:

And what charity are we pushing for? Well, that’s Generosity Water:


And I’ll just let Philip Wagner, the founder of the charity, to note what it’s about:

I began talking to my family, friends, and church to rally support. I asked our church to give, and we raised funds to help build a clean water well for a village in Malawi. We then created a bottle of water called Generosity Water that donated 100% of its profits to organizations building wells in Africa—the idea being that while we’re drinking clean water, we’re also giving clean water to people who don’t have it. Within the first year of selling these bottles we raised $40,000 and funded our next two projects in Uganda. This idea started to gain momentum and Generosity Water was born.

See? Awesome. So check out all of the Project For Awesome stuff and post videos/comments supporting Generosity Water!