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Psychic Punched In Face By Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Punches Psychic

Tiffany Ava Mitchell, a 28 year old former psychic from Florida, seems to have been unable to look far enough into her future to avoid being punched in the face by Lindsay Lohan early Thursday morning.

The rest of us, however, definitely saw it coming.

The figurative–and literal–car wreck that is Lindsay Lohan will soon be charged with three crimes in Santa Monica according to information leaked to TMZ today by law enforcement sources. After slamming her Porsche (below) into a semi truck last June on California’s infamous Pacific Coast Highway, Lohan allegedly lied to cops about being a passenger in the car rather than the driver in order to, once again, avoid taking responsibility for yet another of her ridiculous escapades.

According to TMZ, the crimes LiLo faces in relation to the car accident are as follows:

  1. Giving false information to an officer
  2. Obstructing or resisting a police officer in the performance of his duty
  3. Reckless driving

If Lohan is given the maximum penalty attached to each of these accusations, she faces up to 1 year and 9 months in jail.

Apparently unsatisfied with such a trivial potential amount of time behind bars, Lohan sucker-punched the aforementioned psychic in the face in New York after getting into an argument at a Manhattan nightclub with one of its patrons. The victim, Mitchell, called police after accidentally finding herself in the middle of a brawl between the actress and an unidentified club-goer and, subsequently, assaulted via a punch to the face.

After slipping into a back alley to avoid the police, the 26 year-old “Liz & Dick” star was finally apprehended by law enforcement officials outside the club around 4am and will most likely face misdemeanor assault charges in a New York court (a video of Lohan being led away from the club in handcuffs is below for your viewing amusement).

This isn’t the first time Lohan has wreaked havoc around the streets of Manhattan. If you recall, the ever-so-classy former child star was accused of hitting a guy with her car two months ago in the same city and also of choking out another New Yorker in September after he took pictures of her on his cell phone–both of these cases were eventually dropped, of course.

Lohan’s past run-ins with the law beg the question, Nation:

Will Lindsay ever do hard time for her ever-accumulating crimes?