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Rape Accuser Recants Thirteen Years Later


When she was five, a young girl accused a retired police officer in San Antonio of rape. He was convicted. Thirteen years later, she’s recanting her story.

Frank Navarijo has served thirteen years of a twenty-year sentence for rape. The unnamed girl (obviously, rape victims are typically not nor should be identified, lest they do so themselves) was deemed a credible witness by Bexar county’s district attorney.

According to the girl, now twenty years of age, she wants to “set the record straight.” Local newspapers reported that she had actually recanted once before — just prior to the trial. But during the trial, she testified against Navarijo.

The girl has since said that her grandmother manipulated her then-five-year-old granddaughter into testifying against the officer because she “hated” him. A few years later, the girl changed her story again, and has since been telling her friends privately that the allegations are false.

Exactly why it took her this long to recant is unclear. The implication in this story is that she waited until she was out from under her grandmother. Neither the prosecution nor the girl has notified the grandmother that the girl is recanting.

There’s just not a lot of information here. The girl says her grandmother’s manipulative, the prosecution says the girl seemed credible and that there was “scientific evidence” of rape, and Navarijo is going through the process of having his case looked at to let him out of prison.

Question: What do you guys think, here? I’m really not certain what’s going on.